Kirti Carr

Executive Coach| Coach trainer| Leadership development| Personal transformation Specialist.

Gauteng based, virtual for the rest of the world

Professional Senior Trainer Certificate | Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching | Coaching Mentor, Assessor, Examiner and supervisor.

+27 083 679 3557

Gauteng, South Africa

Connecting YOU to possibilities!

I am an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach qualified through the Creative Consciousness Academy (CCA), as well as being a Senior Professional Corporate Trainer – July 2020

Awareness of who we are and how we interact with the world allows for seeing where internal shifts are required to create development, growth, joy and success. Remaining in a comfort zone may be safe but will keep us stuck and does not drive performance or results. I believe in the ripple effect. Every sustainable change within us as individuals has an impact on the collective. I am dedicated, industrious, committed and passionate about my life, my work and my vision. I believe we are all capable of creating a life experience we love. I believe we all have the power to be the best we can be. Observing people come alive is fuel to my passion for supporting an awakening of new levels of potential and success. I value each interaction for the gifts that emerge in the space. I love the dance of synchronicity and perfect timing that follows committed effort. I am committed to inspiring vision and creating success, passionately! My goal is to create transformation on the level of potential.


I have been involved in transformation work for the last 18 years. I am currently coaching, training and running workshops to support new ways of working, leadership capability development, talent development and team synergy and performance. I provide a space for people to empower themselves, increase their growth outside of their comfort zone and leverage their strengths whilst having fun. Building a clear vision is paramount to this. My corporate business experience includes Group pensions insurance, Health insurance, Financial & Marketing statistics, IT, Legal and the Banking sectors.


I bring my vast knowledge and skills to every interaction, enhancing expansion possibilities. My personal journey of transformation generates a level of compassion and integrity that is supportive. I will support you in a way that provides for sustainable transformation in all areas or life. I will provide the safe space that allows you to create a life experience worth waking up for! I bring tools into each coaching session that create and expand your awareness which you can integrate into your life.

Insight & Conscious Changes

I am committed to my personal journey of transformation and empowerment and am inspired to support this process for others. I have an insatiable appetite for growth, living life passionately and working with people. Every achievement is worthy of celebration and a stepping stone to living the vision. Every failure is an opportunity to make a difference. I will hold you accountable to your commitments and I will celebrate with you as we journey together.