Colin Stansell

Executive Coach
Rosebank, Johannesburg
Mobile Number: 083 266 9308
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Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Colin has fifteen years’ experience in coaching successful executives who feel trapped and frustrated by the day-to-day demands of running a business or division. They want to free up time and use their full potential so that they can focus on growth, make a bigger difference and achieve more balance and fulfillment in their lives.

They also need to lead change, get people on board, navigate organisational politics, develop talent, build key relationships and foster innovation and collaboration. And they want less stress and anxiety and more time for their families and outside interests.

Colin’s clients put a high value on the results they achieve in these areas with his coaching support. His approach is to help them to get clear about the unique contribution they bring to their businesses and communities. This allows them to play to their passions and strengths while letting go of the tasks which drain their energies.

His clients appreciate his supportive, challenging, practical coaching style and his insights into business, strategy and organisational change.

Fresh perspectives enable them to overcome the inevitable obstacles leading to breakthrough results and a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Colin is a director of Growth Action Coaching, originally formed as Transformation Dynamics in 1991. A graduate of UKZN, he holds a Certified Master Coach accreditation from the Behavioural Coaching Institute. His methodology is integrated, developmental and evidence-based in nature.

His career spans education and management as well as business consulting and coaching in Leadership Development, Business Strategy & Growth and Organisational Change.

Colin is a member of Comensa and a founder member of The Coaching Forum, a group of coaches which meets regularly for peer review and professional growth. Through Wits Business School he has been involved with coach training and supervision on the post-graduate Business & Executive Coaching Certificate programme.

What Clients Have To Say:

“In the four years that I have worked with Colin Stansell, I have found him to be an attentive listener and measured advisor. In getting me to question my assumptions and to maintain a life-work balance, Colin has added a lot of value to the decisions that I made. In a constantly challenging environment, Colin has been a valued sounding board for decision-making at the executive level.”

RN, Group Executive, Financial Services Sector


“To me this has been very valuable. What I’ve learned from our sessions is the importance of perspective; how you look at things and how you respond. Also the value of aligning my passions and strengths with my longer-term goals. I’m more focused and decisive. When your long-term goals are clear it’s easier to make short-term decisions.

I wouldn’t have got here without this process”

DM, Business Unit Manager, Global Professional Services Organisation

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