Faheem Hoosen

Corporate Coach
Durban, Kwazulu Natal
Mobile Number: 082 400 9399
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Executive Coach and Value Creator


Infinity Management Coaching was born out of the need to support businesses and individuals to excel and flourish in the challenging world of business. It is headed up by Faheem Hoosen who has in the last 13 years developed a solid academic and experiential base.

At the moment Faheem is in the final stage of his second Master’s Degree, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy (MPhil) specialising in Management Coaching where his research is focusing on the use of coaching as a leadership development tool for nurturing strategic thinking in senior managers. On completion of his Master’s Degree in Management Coaching, Faheem will become one of the few coaches in South Africa with a Master’s Degree in Management Coaching and an MBA.

When he is not coaching and creating value for the clients and organisations he serves, Faheem is an avid runner with two Comrades Marathon finishes to his name and is highly involved in the management and administration of his running club as an executive committee member. He also serves as a trustee on the board of a registered charity which focuses on poverty alleviation, feeding schemes, education and providing aid to child-headed households.

The boy in him fuels a fire and passion for fast cars and travelling locally and internationally.

Coaching Practice

Faheem practices his craft by making use of the Infinity Coaching Model that he developed as part of his studies at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. It is not a “copy and paste” model and demonstrates Faheem’s background, authenticity and signature presence as a coach. The model is academically grounded and strongly underpinned with theories from leading schools of thought on: Positive psychology, strengths theory, systems thinking and Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment.

Typically, Faheem contracts with coachees for periods of eight to ten sessions, ideally two weeks apart. Coaching can be delivered in person, via Skype or telephonically at the client’s convenience.

Faheem is based in Durban but is available to travel to clients in: Pietermaritzburg, Howick, Ladysmith, Newcastle and Richards Bay.


Faheem is influenced & guided by certain core values according to which he lives, these are:

  • Honesty in all his business and personal dealings,
  • Treating all human beings with integrity and respect,
  • Persevering & never giving up no matter how bleak the situation seems to be,
  • Having a strong and abnormally high work ethic,
  • Determination to never stop until a goal is achieved.

Faheem’s reasons for practicing as a coach

  • Faheem is passionate about working with his coachees to uncover and exploit the infinite potential that resides in all of us.
  • He loves to serve and “grow” people,
  • He extracts great joy from seeing people work hard and achieve their goals to live their dreams,
  • He believes that there is a definite need for providing management coaching created by today’s demanding and fast paced business environment.

Key coaching deliverables

  • A safe space to reflect, think and be yourself,
  • Awareness of and best use of your strengths to improve your effectiveness toward goal achievement,
  • Improved knowledge of self,
  • Achievement of specific business and personal goals,
  • Improved ability to remain composed and handle challenges of the business environment which is characterised by stress, change and uncertainty,
  • Defined business return on investments (ROI’s) equivalent to several times the investment in coaching.

Typical target client base

Through his strong academic and experiential work background, Faheem has developed a high level of business literacy. He is therefore able to offer most value by positioning his coaching services to the following potential client types:

  • Various levels of management in organisations (Executive, Senior, Middle)
  • Business Owners
  • Professionals (Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, Pharmacists etc.)
  • Account Managers

Accreditations and Qualifications

  • Certified Organisation Member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)
  • EMPOWERDEX BBBEE Level three verified
  • *MPhil: Management Coaching – Pending (Expected Completion: December 2014)
  • MBA
  • NDip: Electrical Engineering