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Lizel Stephan

Executive, Leadership & Life Coach

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Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

021 975 1794

086 635 5693

25 Church Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa

Executive, Leadership & Life Coach (COMENSA) |
Wellness & Relationship Counselor (Dip) |
Leadership & Group Facilitator |
Project management

Influencing School of thought: Holistic, Integral, Social science, Psychology, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

“This quote captures a significant reality for me – that we need to live in the moment and choose to make the best of it, no matter what the circumstances!

“How we think about life, will generate feelings, which in turn will influence and determine how we act. This often underestimated process is such a great influence in how we respond to life, that I cannot imagine leaving it up to chance! We need to dive in there and grab hold of what we want to achieve, and we need to do it deliberately and with commitment.”

“I strive to create a safe and stimulating environment for clients to unpack their current reality, to focus on creating the ideal reality, and together we develop a plan with practical steps to get there! It sounds simple, but if it was, everyone would be able to manage on their own! However, on your own, you may get stuck, distracted, frustrated, overwhelmed, and sometimes even overstimulated. With coaching, you can relax (sort of), think more freely and get practical. I will ensure focus and forward movement.”

Lizel aims to unlock the potential of extraordinary people, teams and organisations through coaching, mentoring, facilitation and consulting. She uses a variety of assessment and profiling tools to help her clients reach a deeper level of self-awareness. Her approach is holistic, incorporating the social sciences, psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. She considers coaching as “the art of facilitating the performance, development and learning of another person. It is about equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective.”


  • Executive, Business, Leadership & Life Coaching/Mentoring
  • Supervision of Coaching Students at Academy of Coaching
  • Wellness Counselling & Stress/resiliency management
  • Executive Leadership development, facilitation & Consulting
  • Business management, mentoring & consulting
  • Strategic leadership aspects, Change management & culture of excellence aspects
  • Key Speaker on Leadership & Various Topics
  • Project management

Some of her best attributes are wisdom, logical thinker, objective analysis, focus, perseverance, excellence, people orientation, natural facilitator, subject matter expertise, a willingness to challenge and to be challenged, discernment, passionate and believing in the potential of each person.

Coaching Methodology & Approach

Coaching is a powerful development space for many top executives/people who seek to enhance their performance, and it is highly beneficial for individuals who wish to access untapped potential and ensure the best use of their strengths.

Lizel uses the STRONG model as a framework, working with the whole being of the client within their core values alongside the main objectives for coaching. The success of coaching hinges on shift. A shift from point A to point B. Clarity about A & B is there for essential within the context of what motivates the individual.

Once the shift has been identified, significant insight is gained from feedback and assessment tools and work is done around aspects that need attention. Together a plan is designed to bridge the GAP and tackle the obstacles that are breaking speed or draining energy.
In a co-active one-on-one approach, Lizel acts as coach, mentor, sounding board, confidant and skills coach.

Membership Associations and Accreditations

  • Credentialed Coach: COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of SA)
  • Specialist Counsellor: Council for Counsellors SA
  • Insights licensed practitioner: Insights Discovery (Connemara)
  • Lumina practitioner: Lumina Learning (Lumina Spark)
  • SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) practitioner

Academic qualifications

  • Introduction to Neuroscience in Coaching Graduated: December 2013 | University of Pretoria
  • Bachelor in Applied Psychology (work context)
    Graduated: current studies | Training Institution: UNISA
  • Diploma in Practitioner Coaching
    Graduated: 31 August 2006 | Training Institution: The Coaching Centre
  • Diploma in Counselling
    Graduated: October 1997 | Training Institution: ICBGB
  • Diploma in Computer Technology and Marketing
    Graduated: October 1995 | Training Institution: Computer Career College

What others say about her

Michelle Wolfswinkel: HR Learning and Development Manager, Lewis
You managed our session with maturity, a wonderful sense of humour and a very clear plan. I have not enjoyed a course that much in years and look forward to my emotionally elevated persona shining through.

Shane Hewitt: Managing Director, Terrasan Group Ltd
Lizel, in her practical, humble and friendly way, succeeded in uniting a diverse management team of independently operating individuals into a strong unit that enjoys shared learning. An integral part of Lizel’s COE-process has involved personal development, and our management team has grown immensely as individuals and leaders over the last 2 years.

Brett Harris: Senior Manager, Conformance and Compliance, Merchandise Procurement at Foschini Retail Group
When I look at what I achieved in the time being coached by Lizel, I can see that the goals set by myself were realistic and practical. These all had a purpose and could be measured. They have made a big difference in my life, and have changed the way that I think and do things.

Riki Viljoen: Senior HR Manager, Resourcing: Group HR
Lizel has a lovely balance between managing the development of the individual within a business context with a practical and useful approach that is to the best interest of both parties.

Nadine Naudé: Accountant and Life Coach at Ispire People
Gorinchem, The Netherlands
Lizel Stephan has been my coach since February 2013 and it has been a journey of fun, joy, tears and growth. She is exceptionally insightful and an amazing listener, with the ability to hear the things which I didn’t even mention. This makes her questions incredibly powerful. Creating a thinking space is always important for Lizel and she encourages me to think of multiple possibilities even at times when I’m a bit lazy.