James Jooste

Educational Coach
Flamingo Vlei, Tableview, Cape Town
Address: 6c Stilt Avenue . Flamingo Vlei Village . Flamingo Vlei, Cape Town
Mobile Number: 082 440 7503
6c Stilt Avenue . Flamingo Vlei Village . Flamingo Vlei, Cape Town

Unlocking the genius within…

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think
Albert Einstein

I am a Master Trainer of Whole Brain Learning M.WBL, M.WBT and all my material is accredited through Qualifi Ltd and governed by UK regulations.

I have been teaching Thinking Skills and Study Methods since 1993 and am the founder of Nothando Training (Pty) Ltd an educational training company with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town where I live. I have taught over 18000 students in the last 5 years with the majority being Grade 11, 12 & 1st year University students. I have also mentored and coached 2nd, 3rd and 4thyear students from the schools of Management, Law, Health Sciences, Engineering, Education and the Humanities as well as primary school pupils.


The sessions focus on assisting all students from Grade 6 upwards not only those struggling academically but those who spend too much time studying inefficiently. The 1-on-1 coaching or courses facilitates the creative and intellectual awakening and teach “Whole Brain Learning” and proven cognitive Study Methods. They are programs of true self-discovery, which facilitates individuals’ realization of their mental power and creative learning capacity by integrating the imaginative, problem solving, and understanding functions of the right-brain with the logical, practical, and strategic functions of the left-brain. This right and left hemisphere integration is essential to learning, long-term memory, critical thinking and creative invention. Giving them the confidence and the all the skills needed to succeed and reach their full potential and prepare them for high school, University and or adult life.

Students who follow my teaching achieve amazing results in a very short period of time.

My approach

Firstly I need to get an understanding of the student thinking preferences and learning style by using the world acclaimed Neethling Brain Instrument for Education (NBI) developed by Professor Kobus Neethling. This online instrument explains and maps graphically the student’s 4-quadrant brain profile, given them and me a better understanding of how they think and learn. This is followed up with a feedback session accompanied by a parent/guardian if required and looks into the NBI findings together with the student’s latest academic report, their goals and ambitions and an appropriate next step proposed.

Next step

Students could either do 1-on-1 Whole Brain Learning coaching with me in Cape Town or via Skype from other areas or attend one of our training courses that include; a 1 day Intermediate Certificate, 2 day Advanced Certificate and 3 day National Certificate. These courses are conducted mainly in Cape Town or Johannesburg, for more information please contact me on 082 440 7503


  • NBI online Assessment: R185.00 one time.
  • 1-on-1 Feedback and WBL Coaching: R495.00 per hour.
  • Classroom WBL Workshop: R2500.00 per student per day
  • Travel: TBA

1-on-1 & Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Whole Brain Learning
  • Memory: Written information, Words & Language (A-Z)
  • Memory: Equations, Formulae, Dates, Numbers etc (0-9)
  • Learning from Textbooks: Understanding, Evaluating and Analysing information made easy.
  • Reading: Different reading styles and comprehension.
  • Listening: Active engaged listening skills.
  • Examination Techniques: Everything required to succeed.
  • Essay Writing: Academic essays and projects made easy.
  • Goal Setting, Diary and daily plans

Note: Full Workshop brochure on request.


Improved Motivation, Better Results, Reduction in Study Time, Higher order thinking, High School and University preparedness.


Pieter N (Durbanville)
Fantastic feedback, thanks a mill James. We are so happy that we’ve managed to find you on the big wide Internet, and that you were willing to take our boys on. We can already see a significant improvement in both boys’ test marks across subjects. The great bonus is that they enjoy the sessions with you very much. You really make this learning thing fun for them. We’re looking forward to the next modules.

Naydene R (Stellenbosch)
Yes I have learned new ways to approach my studies and how to be successful. It taught me that I was using the wrong study methods all this time. The entire lesson/training session was effective. James’ positive attitude and energy was truly amazing. I have never been able to concentrate for such a long time! Thank you for all your time and effort, it really changed my life and I can’t wait for the next training session.

Neil C (Johannesburg)
It has made me realize that I can achieve great results if I put in the right amount of effort and use the right application.

Melanie H (Johannesburg)
Returning to formal tertiary study after 35+ year gap is daunting, not to mention challenging. The only study skills known to me was the skill known as “cram-your-head –with-meaningless-facts0and figures and “hope for the best”. This is very stressful and caused me sleepless nights. Attending James Jooste’s seminar has literally freed me up from useless and stressful “mind-clutter” whilst enabling to absorb important information in an effortless and relaxed fashion. James is highly gifted with a cutting edge approach to knowledge acquisition, whilst providing thoroughly enjoyable experience in which to gleam these simple, but highly effective, learning techniques, Thanks to James, I was able to complete my UNISA qualification with ease.

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