Derek Bekker - HSP Life Coach - Chartwell Johannesburg

Derek Bekker

Life Coach focused on the HSP/HSS traits

Derek Bekker - HSP Life Coach - Chartwell Johannesburg

Johannesburg - Chartwell

Professional Consciousness Coach

+27 64 507 9664

120a Runnymead Ave, Chartwell, 2191, South Africa

I am a Certified Professional Coach with a special interest in supporting highly sensitive people and high sensation seekers in the professional workspace, in their personal lives and alternative interests. My experience in bodywork practices brings me a special understanding of how our bodies reflect our life issues.

When I qualified as Professional Coach about 10 years ago my initial focus was to support young professionals to find their feet in the corporate world. With more than 30years corporate experience it is still part of what I offer.

As my own journey unfolded and I explored the world outside of big corporate employment my coaching evolved to something more holistic. Dr Elaine Aron and Jules de Vitto’s work on the Highly Sensitive Personality trait inspired me to focus my coaching to support people that identify as HSP to move beyond their challenges, empowering them to make use of it as special gift. As a subset of the HSP spectrum I also identify as High Sensation Seeker.

In the long run standard approaches often do not work effectively for the HSP/HSS. My own experiences informs my awareness and approach to the coaching objective, cycle, session and follow-up.

For the past 5 years I have also studied bodywork practices which in the coaching context supports the exploration into the relation of body based sensations and manifestations to the coaching cycle objective.

Spirituality is another layer of the human experience that often gets left out in certain parts of our existence. My own exploration in different lineages brought me to deeper insight of the keys it offers to moving beyond our life issues.