Daniela Wingate

Depression Recovery Coach
Linden / Fourways / Douglasdale, Johannesburg
Telephone: 072 865 6780
Email Address: daniela@dwcoaching.co.za
Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Douglasdale, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

I believe that all people are equal and that each one of us carries boundless potential for success and happiness.

How much of your true potential are you harnessing? How much further do you think you can go? Are you aware of what is holding you back, if anything? And how much does your life excite you?

I am passionate about coaching and NLP as a practical, accessible and sustainable tool to guide teens, young adults and adults through change and assist them in living the life that they truly want. I have experienced the hugely successful affects of coaching and NLP first hand, and have witnessed it now countless times, through my clients.

The processes and techniques really work, and I would love nothing more than to guide you through them.

I am a certified Life coach and NLP Practitioner, Evolved NLP Coach, Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner, Stress Biofeedback Practitioner and Evolved Hypnotherapist.

I previously completed a BA degree in Communication Science and an EFL teaching diploma, and worked for 12 years in the creative, hospitality and corporate industries, as well as consulting to NGO's.

During my time in these industries, I gained invaluable experience working directly with people from all walks of life, managing teams at various levels, mentoring and training youths and interns, as well as interacting with some of the richest people in the world, and building up my own small business, which is still successfully running after almost 5 years.

All of this work (and my studies) equipped me with a deep understanding of the human mind and human behaviour, and how similar all of our desires and issues really are. With each new step I took in these fields, my wish to work with and help others grew stronger, until I decided to study coaching and NLP and take it up full time.

I have coached teens as young as 13 years old, and adults well into their 60's - all have responded incredibly to the programme, and have been hugely successful in eliminating negative influences and restrictions from their life, and achieving the peace and success that they wanted.


“… Taking those first steps towards your coaching practice was indisputably the best decision I have ever made in my life, and certainly the most right path I had ever taken in the right direction, to save myself from crashing like computers do.

Before coming to you, I had suffered for months from dizziness and extreme migraines, and been told different stories by numerous GP’s whose prescription medication never helped me at all. I was feeling confused and lifeless, like the life had been sucked out of my mind, body and soul.

After our first session I felt alive; and though I was still in the dark, I could see a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. I knew there was hope. Suddenly a week to my next session felt too long!!

You helped me to realise that I had never allowed myself to want what I truly wanted, because I could never see how it could have been manifested.

By the end of our sessions I had not only raised my general energy levels, got rid of my dizziness and migraines, but I had also increased my BSC year mark from a ‘C’ average to a ‘B’ average, so that I could go on to study my honours.

What you gave me was a gift of life. The sessions we had, and all the things that I learned from them, are securely locked up where they belong, in my subconscious brain. And no one, with any kind of authority whatsoever, will take that away from me.“ – Mahlodi Pentunia Montlha (female – 22 years old)
“The 4 days that I spent with you were an incredible journey. I started in an overwhelmed, panicked and uncertain place and walked away feeling lighter than I have ever felt with a clear view of my goals and with a whole new perspective.

I finally feel like I have been able to put the dramatic events of my past behind me in a constructive way and for the first time feel that I have actually learned from these events and can use the lessons to my advantage going forward.

I was shocked to realize how many negative limitations I had placed on myself and your patience, insight and natural ability to guide me through the process truly made this a fulfilling experience that had a profound impact on my life.

I cannot thank you enough and I wish you every success with your coaching practise.” – Kirsten (female in her thirties)


"You are truly amazing and I believe that no human being, having the privilege to have you as a coach and guide, can walk away from you without having been transformed in the most beautiful ways.

THANK YOU!" - Izienne Shields (female in her twenties)


"In the few sessions I had coaching with Daniela, I have felt an immense difference in my perspective of the world and have found that my positive outlook has attracted miraculous things into my life. When you look at things through someone else's eyes you suddenly realise that your problems are easily manageable and things that have been bothering you, even subconsciously, come up in sessions and you work through them effortlessly with the exercises provided by your life coach. Daniela has helped me leave her office with new goals and a smile on my face each and every time. With her help my goals are now achievable and I feel inspired about life." - Charlene (25 years old)


"NLP and coaching with Daniela was recommended to me by a friend and the experience was well worth it! Through an interesting mix of techniques I have discovered a new way of looking at the world and a new approach to living. I now have a resilient core in my being that is like a sturdy self assurance. Best of all I feel empowered to take charge of my life like never before! I am on a new trajectory ... Thank you Daniela!" - Katherine (42 years old)


"Thank you for assisting me in finding some solutions to some issues I had been dealing with for some time. The way you conducted the NLP strategies was very professional and had huge impact on me. The first immediate change I experienced was that I was able to immediately discontinue biting my nails, which had been an issue most of my life, to the extent that I would end up with bleeding fingers. For the first time that I can remember, I am now using nail clippers!

All the best with your future endeavours" - John Smith (male in his sixties)