Cor Coaching – Milena Gevers

Integral Leadership & Life Coach

Claremont, Cape Town

Professional Coaching Course, Centre for Coaching, UCT GSB (Completing Feb 2021); Coaching for Development, Centre for Coaching, UCT GSB (2019); Master of Social Science, UKZN (2016); BA & BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium (2007-2010)

082 325 5134



26 Durham Street, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

Milena has done over 200 training hours and 75 coaching hours; by early 2021 she will have completed the Professional Level certification with a focus on Integral Coaching. She offers coaching one-on-one, self-led development through online learning programs, marketing consulting, staff development and facilitation.

Milena has had clients from industries such as Insurance, Marketing and Media, Finance and Investment, Academia and others. From Executive Directors and Marketing Managers, to Designers and Editors, to Mid-level Managers and Sales Consultants, and some others.

Some of the developmental focusses in clients have been:

  • inspired and strategic leadership,
  • confident communication,
  • improved organisation and delegation,
  • career direction,
  • recovering from burnout,
  • stress management and
  • somatic and/or emotional intelligence.

Before Milena transitioned into coaching, she spent over 8 years working in private Higher Education and specifically in marketing, recruitment and brand management, leading the department for several years.