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Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa

Synergist is a coaching and consulting practice that focuses on delivering real value to organisations through people and leadership development. We have a network of associate coaches and facilitators to meet your unique needs. MD, Nick Najjar, will deliver personalised service to your project.

Services offered:

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Synergist’s Executive and Leadership Coaching is designed to guide and facilitate the personal growth of leaders. It will assist them in dealing with the complexity of today’s corporate world, while helping them maximise their leadership skills, especially in the areas of self-awareness, delivering high performance, and in building trust-based relationships with their teams.

Team Coaching

Team coaching can cover several themes and objectives including collaboration and cohesion, high performance, embedding desired culture, meeting stakeholder expectations etc. The approach can also be tailored to ensure that it fully covers all systemic elements in order to reach the desired outcome.

Workshop Facilitation

We can help facilitate your next conference, off site, or business planning session. The workshop is usually designed to strike the right balance between reflection, facilitation, and allowing the team to uncover the answers for themselves.

Onboarding Program

It typically takes new employees, or those new to their role, 8 months to get up to full productivity. A strategic and structured onboarding program can help accelerate that significantly. The ONBOARD FOR SUCCESS program through Synergist aims to allows employees to quickly become more effective through self-reflection, discussion, planning and action, as well as increase their engagement, retention, and ultimately theirs’ and the organization’s success. The program includes templates, self-directed learning, and 4 individual coaching sessions.

Internal Mentorship Facilitation

We can help facilitate your internal mentorship program. The service includes launching the program to participants; training mentors with the requisite skills to be effective mentors; training and sensitizing mentees to what is required from them in order for them to gain maximum success from the program; checking in with participants and coaching them through progress, solutions and next steps; and helping coordinate the entire program to ensure structure, tools, progress reports, course-correction, and high levels of engagement.

What to expect from an individual Coaching program:

  • Synergist offers between 8-12 sessions depending on the client’s needs.
  • A free chemistry or discovery session is usually included at the outset (unless the client prefers to commence the coaching immediately).
  • Sessions are usually 60-90 minutes, and can be held at the client’s premises, at the Coach’s premises, or via Skype.
  • The organisation and the individual are involved in the goal setting.
  • Coaching is generally one-on-one, but can also include observation sessions, and team coaching sessions where applicable.
  • Regular check-in sessions are held with the Coachee and with the organisation client to track progress and to course correct where necessary.
  • Additional tools such as psychometrics and 360 feedback can also be included and usually add tremendous value to the goal setting and outcomes.
  • Nick also offers Mentoring services to current and future leaders, as well as Coaching and Consulting to both small and large organisations.