Cole Conway

Agile Leadership | Personal Development | Outdoor Coach

Margate, KwaZulu-Natal

BA; BPHIL; COMPTIA Project+ ; PRINCE2; AGILE DSDM; Executive & Management Coaching (UCT)

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Margate, KZN, South Africa

Adaptive Leadership is the ability where a team leader empowers individuals within their team in a manner, in which they provide an open space for team members to explore all their own creative thinking and ideas towards finding innovative solutions towards achieving the task at hand as a team unit, thus creating value. This requires more than just leading by example as a team leader, but rather adapting as a leader through identifying the unique strengths, that each of their fellow team members possesses, and aligning those strengths towards tasks that ensure the overall success of the task at hand.

As an Adaptive Leadership Coach, my primary aim is to help individuals discover their full potential as adaptive leaders, through facilitating them in identifying their own unique key attributes and once this is achieved, helping them to develop these key attributes further, so that they not only add value to their workplace, but also to their lives as well. With the right guidance and understanding, each and every one of us has potential to become phenomenal adaptive leaders.

Coaching Services Offered

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Online Coaching
  • Personal Development

About Your Coach

From a young age, Cole has always had a fascination with nature, and the principles it applies towards overcoming complexities. In 2004, Cole enrolled for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Development & Environmental Studies, from the University of Stellenbosch, where he majored in Geography, Sociology and Public Development and Administration. It was during these studies that Cole developed a deeper understanding and appreciation towards the significance of empowering stakeholders in a bottom-up approach, especially when participating in community development projects.

After graduating in 2007, Cole continued his studies further in undertaking a post-graduate degree in Sustainable Development Planning & Management, where he concentrated his attention on achieving project success through developing a greater understanding complexity theory and systems and adaptive leadership, and its application in project planning. Since graduating his postgraduate in 2008, Cole has been involved in various community projects, including numerous socio-economic geospatial surveys, where he worked closely, as a project coordinator, with community liaison officers, to assist them in capturing community beneficiaries for low-cost subsidized housing in Local Tribal Authorities in KZN.

Cole has also completed numerous certifications in Project Management from various institutions, including, but not limited to, becoming both a Certified PRINCE2 & Agile DSDM Practitioner. It was only as an Certified Agile Practitioner that Cole discovered that he could apply his experience and academic knowledge more effective to help individuals discover their unique potential to create value, in not only their workplace, but also in their lives as well. To date, Cole has successfully completed the UCT Online Course in Executive & Management Coaching.

In addition to his academic achievements, Cole is an avid outdoorsman, who has a deep passion for landscape photography, hiking and wildlife conservation. He has done numerous nature treks around South Africa, including along the Transkei Wild Coast in Northern Eastern Cape Province. His greatest accomplishment, however, was in 2018, where he and his father flew to Northern Spain to undertake a gruelling 2-week trek from the town of Astorga to Santiago des Compostela, along the French Route of the Camino des Santiago, approximately 272km in total. Many of the lessons and principles he experienced during these treks, he has successfully applied to many of his coaching practices.

In view of the above-mentioned, Cole continues to adopt a holistic, bottom-up approach as an Adaptive Leadership Coach, in which he believes that human beings, in general, are both creative and resourceful beings that have the potential to minimize any form of complexity if allowed the opportunity to do so.


“As a person, Cole presents himself as a diligent individual, who perseveres in producing quality work, as a result of the high standards he sets for himself. Cole is interactive when working with other individuals as he is open-minded to new ideas and tries to harness the potential of those he works with to generate a more sustainable outcome of the task assigned.” Bessie

“Cole has displays versatile leadership qualities and he works well in group context. In view of this, Cole is an individual who possesses qualities of leadership, industry and creativity under an exemplary work ethic that not only allows him to achieve success, but also inspire those who work with him.” Prof. van der Merwe