Safiyyah Boolay-Jappie

Mindset and Resilience Coach for Women

Fairland, Johannesburg

certifications in: the Quantum Leap Coaching Process; Meta Coaching; Conversational Intelligence CI-Q Coaching; Brain-Based Coaching; Diploma in Strategic Leadership (Gordon Institute); B.Proc (UWC)

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Fairland, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am a Mindset and Resilience coach, helping professional women to grow their Careers, Leadership and Impact.

What I know to be absolutely true is that you are here to lead change and to be a force for good. With a sustainable approach to your career and leadership, you can create a rich and rewarding life that ensures that you make the impact you want to, without it costing you your well-being and your quality of life.


If your career or leadership role is stalling and is a source of anxiety, confusion, frustration, overwhelm or burnout, we should talk!

If your career is taking its toll on your relationships and on your well-being, we should definitely talk!

If you feel as if the chaos is closing in, and your work is getting in the way of your life, we should talk soon!

I believe that resilience is THE Super Skill of the 21st century, without which we shrink away from the magnificence of life and of ourselves. Without resilience we settle into a stuck life of overwhelming busyness, chasing our tails, and not accomplishing the things that matter to us. With Resilience, we can turn even the biggest setbacks into our greatest comebacks, no matter who we are or what stage of our career and growth we are in.

Through my Framework for Resilience, I help professional women to create the careers and leadership brands that allow them to flourish and accomplish their most audacious goals.

My Framework for Resilience is not only robust, it is transformational, and addresses the following key levers:

  • Mindset, prioritisation and decision-making skills
  • Your Vitality & Well-Being
  • Developing and expressing a magnetic, authentic and aligned personal brand
  • Cultivating an enabling network strategically without the inauthenticity often associated with ‘networking’
  • Becoming Future Fit by adopting the practices that ensure on-going novelty and innovation in your career and life

In our work together, you will not only learn the Super Skill of Resilience.  You will see and identify the self-limiting power gaps that stop you from taking action, from growing professionally and from leading effectively. At the surface, these power gaps often present as a raging inner critic, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and the ever popular procrastination. I will nudge you past these surface patterns to discover and conquer the actual subconscious blocks that threaten to define you.

We will strategise to cultivate your Resilience and to use it to:

  • Address and Overcome your power gaps;
  • Clarify and Manage your boundaries;
  • Map out your Aligned Growth and path to Impact;
  • Negotiate your Leadership Challenges and Opportunities.

My Qualifications

  • Certified in the Quantum Leap Coaching Process
  • Certified Meta Coach with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics for Actualising Excellence
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence CI-Q Coach – The Creating WEÒ Institute
  • Certified Brain-Based Coach – Results Coaching SA
  • Certified Applied Directorship Programme – SIRDAR
  • Certified Image Consultant – Image SA
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • Diploma in Strategic Leadership – Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • B.Proc – University of the Western Cape

Personal & Professional Background

My working life started over three decades ago at a very young age, and I’ve since enjoyed a varied career in the retail, legal, parastatal, NGO and Banking sectors.

It was really in the 17 years in my banking career that it truly dawned on me what a unique challenge I was being confronted with. For me, this was a time of exponential growth and complex leadership responsibilities in unfamiliar territories where everything was changing all the time. Simultaneously I was navigating change and growth in my personal life as a wife and a mother, and the daughter of ageing parents.

As such, I deeply understand the demands being juggled by professional women, both in their professional and personal lives. I understand it because I’ve lived it.

For a long time, every day was full-on! Most days I was running on empty, surviving only on the fumes of willpower.

Without the space and the necessary tools to recalibrate, exhaustion became my way of life. ​I thought that this was the way it was meant to be; the proverbial cost of success. ​

In a single moment of clarity, everything changed, and I lived an entire seismic shift. I knew something had to change. ​

When I carefully re-evaluated my priorities, I learnt to embrace a different way of being. One that has a positive effect on myself and others. And I want to share those learnings with you through my coaching and training and free tools.