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Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Quantum Flow is all about living your life best. Being motivate, engaged and effective in creating the reality you want. We optimize performance of people and business through re-engineering thinking.
Quantum Flow Coaching is an association of coaches and consultants that share the following core values:

  • Collaboration of Strengths
  • Generosity of Spirit
  • Pursuit of Passion
  • Profitable value add

Our coaches and clients create positive changes through thinking together, standing in possibilities and sustainable new realities.

Neuro-scientific and Positive Psychology research are translated into practical applicable tools to be used in creating a harmonious flow where talent matches and surpasses challenges.

Our Coaches has a wide range of experience and a deep passion for exposing client’s strengths for them and then teach them how to fly with these strengths.


What you get from What We Do

  • Business Growth
  • Emotionally resilient individuals
  • Effective thinkers
  • optimize individual and/or team performance
  • improve business management strategies
  • Inspirational managers
  • Enabling managers
  • Sustainable vibrant health
Coaching for:

  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Small Business
  • Personal Life
  • Wellness

  • Learning by responsibility – the learner identifies their need
  • Building key competencies
  • Focusing on “leverage point”
  • Holistic work environment adjustments addressing root problems not just symptoms
  • Effective workplace communities with positively influenced professional relationship
Learning Solutions in:

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Inspinable Management
  • Advanced Thinking Skills
  • Strategic Income creation (Sales Training)
  • Group coaching in various soft skills
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