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Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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About My Course

A unique enhancement of leadership/management knowledge and skills through an integration of coaching and training models.

Why leadership/management?
Vanity wishes to separate leaders (visionaries) from managers (organisers). The two qualities and practices cannot be separated in any effective organization.

Why coaching and training?
Coaching elicits solutions from you (leaders or line managers). Training applies solutions to practice.
The course is adaptable to different requirements:

  • an emphasis on either leadership or management;
  • time: from a morning to two days;
  • participants from 10 to 30

(As an experienced teacher, I focus on the essentials and facilitate both smaller and larger numbers.)

 In whatever adaptation, the course covers some of, or all, the following:

  • communication
  • goals
  • resolving a dilemma
  • time management
  • personal/team motivation
  • stress/change
  • performance appraisal
  • learning transfer (from course participants to teams)

About My Costs

  • Tell me what adaptation you want and where you want me to deliver the course.
  • We can then arrive at a competitive, market-related cost.

About Me, Michael Chapman

  • My leadership and management experience – 30 years – includes the leadership and management of a large university Faculty (planning, people, budgets).
  • My commercial experience includes credit control at a clothing-manufacturing company at the edge of EU integration (people, finance).

Why people before finance?
“Successful leaders/managers, above all, must communicate successfully.”

  • As an internationally recognised researcher (PhD; publications), I introduce participants to the latest global insights in leadership and management.
  • I am a qualified life, team, and executive coach.


business, education, career, life
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Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa