Adam Botha

Creative Consciousness Life Coach | Spiritual Counsellor | Transformational Author

Johannesburg North, Randburg, South Africa

International Dip. in Creative Consciousness Life Coaching®, ICF ACC (International Coaching Federation) Accredited Coach, Friend of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), Published Author

082 320 5570

Johannesburg North, Randburg, South Africa

Are you seeking deeper spiritual understanding, personal meaning and purpose?
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Adam is a certified Creative Consciousness Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Counsellor who brings a unique approach to exploring each individual’s Higher ‘I’. He supports those seeking deeper spiritual understanding, personal meaning and purpose through coaching, counselling and creative guidance. When not at work one on one or facilitating small group sessions and retreats, you’ll find him in his home studio overlooking the rocky hills of Melville with his beloved wife, Lorrine and their two dogs, Leo and Nina and two cats, Lennon and Olivia.

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What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

A Spiritual Life Coach is a coach that helps you change how you are living by changing the way you engage on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, we delve into deep-rooted beliefs, your connection to the divine, and your Higher Self.

What is Spiritual Counselling?

A Spiritual Counsellor helps an individual relate spiritual principles and realities to personal stories and situations that they find themselves in. Through this internal processing blocks are removed, and awareness is expanded, revealing deeper understanding and connection in our lives.

What is Personal Transformation?

Personal transformation is a dynamic, uniquely individualized process of expanding consciousness whereby individuals become critically aware of old and new self-views and choose to integrate these views into a new personally experienced reality.

In an unorthodox and original way, Adam strives to cover and weave all three of the above into a journey of discovery for each of his clients.

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How do you +Value?

Are you unsure as to where you can add value? Do you understand why you value what you do? Adam has spent most of his life seeking, exploring and studying various spiritual wellness practices and their deep connections to personal healing and lasting transformation. Adding value always builds us up while also building others up.
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Are you clear about your +Vocation?

Are you clear as to what brings deep meaning to your life and those surrounding you? Where is it you feel you might fit better? Why? Adam’s professional qualifications include a Diploma in Consciousness Coaching from Creative Consciousness International and certification as an ICF ACC Coach (International Coach Federation). Adam has over 25 years experience in creative transformation and is also a friend of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). He also recently received his certificate in Biblical Ministry qualifying him to teach and share Christ-centered wisdom. Advocation is about empowering ourselves to empower others. No-one is separate. We are all in this together.
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What is your next +Venture?

Does your work inspire you? Does it uplift you? Are other’s uplifted by what you do? Adam’s primary passion and purpose is serving life coaches, counselling practitioners, religious leaders, spiritual seekers, therapists, psychologists, pastors, nurses, teachers, social workers and healers with the right personal support. If your life isn’t feeling like an adventure, then something’s off …
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What are clients saying?

“I have experienced Adam, as a person, to be intuitive, insightful and a deep connected soul who gives a lot and makes him an excellent coach. His deep sense of self and his continued journey of self and self-actualisation enables him to be open, honest and real.” 

– Linda Figueira-King (Group HR Manager)   

“It was lockdown and I was losing my joy and groundedness, and wanting to use the time for personal growth. I was drawn to Adam’s faith, warmth and professionalism that came through in his website. During my journey with Adam, I was encouraged to make several shifts in my personal life – connecting to gratitude and being more connected to my faith. I highly recommend spiritual coaching for other Christians, business people or anyone wanting support and increased well-being.” 

– Kerry (Counselling Psychologist + Life Coach)

“My coaching experience really helped to kick-start my goals, figure out processes and overcome particular concerns that I had. Adam helped me to navigate the things that I needed to put my energy into and he encouraged me to achieve them. I started becoming more mentally and emotionally strong and eventually started to be independent in my career. Adam also shows a lot of empathy and understanding which is really helpful when you are going through a tough time. I definitely recommend working with Adam.”  

– Alisa (Student)