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Creating opportunities that transform leadership thinking, deliver value and change lives to create a better, more connected world

Yesterday’s leadership paradigms are extinct. Today’s world requires the leadership teams at the top of your organisation to raise their collective capacity to unite behind a common purpose, build strong stakeholder relationships, and perform consistently beyond the sum of their parts.

A globally connected consultancy, Metaco is the recognised leader in Systemic Leadership Team solutions in Africa with a strong track record for delivering transformational results across a range of industries and contexts.

Through our specialised training and over 30,000 hours of experience, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. You’ll appreciate our open-minded approach and our willingness to listen, observe and share perspectives, as together we consider the best ways for maximising value across your entire network.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe the future of good business is deeply rooted in trustworthiness and compassion for all living systems. Our Guiding Principles ensure we remain centred in this world of disruption and uncertainty. As the foundation of our success, they provide a framework for our clients to transform their own leadership and culture.

  • Integrity – We engage ethically in all our interactions, and are consistently respectful, honest and transparent
  • Courage – We think big, do the right thing and stay true to our beliefs, even when faced with adversity
  • Creativity – We respond to complexity and uncertainty with imagination and choice to open up new ways of thinking and options for advancing
  • Resilience – We anticipate disruption, flexibly adapt to changing conditions, and recover rapidly from setbacks
  • Prosperity – We believe in abundance rather than scarcity, and the ability of all to flourish and succeed
  • Connection – We co-create more value together than alone, and partner creatively across our eco-system

Our Work

Our work involves both working with Senior Leadership and Boards (teams and individuals), in the private and public sectors, in South Africa and worldwide and training both internal and external coaches in Systemic Team Coaching through our license with international group AoEC.


Working at the interface between strategy, leadership development and organizational culture, our systemic focus is on enabling high-performing, networked teams and leaders that are aligned with the needs of their stakeholders and deliver significantly more than the sum of their parts, within a learning environment.

Our expertise in systemic thinking means we pay attention to the relationships between the parts of your system, and the nested systems that exist in your organisation. At an even higher level, through what is now known as ecosystemic thinking, we consider the impact of your organization on external systems. This advanced level skill is rarely found, yet this is the crucial element enabling the ability to thrive in today’s fast changing world.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our work is congruent, sustainable and aligned with the expressed values of the organisation, the results it seeks, and the expectations of its stakeholders.


Metaco partners with you in co-creating the strategy and solutions that will best suit you, combining our respective knowledge, experience, skill and talents, for the most effective outcomes. Engaging key stakeholders in shaping the strategy helps ensure it is developed in a realistic and relevant way, with spending targeted where the return to the organisation is high. Clarity of approach and accountability is combined with appropriate flexibility for situational adaptation.

Metaco’s bespoke programmes align the organisation with its stakeholders to deliver on tomorrow’s strategy. Metaco delivers Systemic Team Coaching, Coaching leaders on coaching their teams, Change-Agility and Internal Systemic Coaching in response to real organizational challenges including;

  • Board and Exco Alignment
  • Culture Change
  • Change Agility
  • Leadership Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Organisational Learning

In partnering with Metaco you entrust the development of your senior leadership to an experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled consultancy, with a track record for enabling the credible, high-performing leadership teams that create the success of your company in this 21st century world.

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The Metaco Team

Barbara Walsh and Danny Tuckwood lead Metaco in South Africa. Both are Master Executive and Systemic Leadership Team Coaches, with extensive experience in managing large-scale integrated projects. They work as partners to organisations locally and internationally, with teams and individuals at Board, Executive Management, Senior Management and high-potential levels, across diverse industries. With global impact, Danny and Barbara are international faculty of the Global Team Coaching Institute, Ethical Coach and the Climate Coaching Alliance.

Professor Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School in the United Kingdom, is Non-Executive Director on Metaco’s Board. Peter is an acknowledged international authority in the areas of Leadership and Team Development and Organizational Culture Change, and the author of several best-selling books on these topics. Although he is based in the UK he is integrally involved with Metaco, and visits South Africa regularly.

Metaco has a cohesive team of full time Executive Coaches, Associate Executive Coaches and Associate OD and HR Specialists. All are highly qualified with extensive business backgrounds, and are in regular supervision provided by Metaco to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Our dedicated Project Administration team ensures that careful attention is paid to the smallest details on large scale end-to-end coaching and culture change projects.

Internationally Accredited Training Programmes

Metaco partners with the UK-based Academy of Executive Coaching and Renewal Associates to deliver the ICF accredited Systemic Team Coaching Certificate and Master Practitioner Diploma programmes in Systemic Team Coaching in South Africa.

Locally Accredited Training and Workshops

The SA Board for People Practices has accredited the following Metaco programmes for CPD points:

  • The Metaco Internal Coach Development Programme
  • The Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
  • Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders