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Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Life Coaching / Life Balance Program 2020


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Life Coaching / Life Balance Program 2020

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About The Course

The NLP Practitioner Certification Training is an experiential, fun-filled and life transforming course which enables participants to fully understand and utilize the powerful technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for their own personal growth, development and achievement, as well as in their own professional and work situations.

What is NLP?

NLP is a proven technology for personal achievement that helps people to understand themselves and those around them more fully, in such a way as to maximize personal growth and excellence.

Technically, NLP is the study of human excellence. NLP seeks to understand the natural learning processes of how great achievers use their minds to produce excellent results. Varied occupations such as managers and therapists, teachers and nurses, athletes and artists, can all benefit from the technology NLP has to offer in their particular profession or passion. What are the thinking patterns that successful people use in the pursuit of their activities, their passion and their mission in life?

  • How do people who are so good at what they do become so good and maintain that level through time?
  • How are great communicators able to communicate so effectively?
  • What are the decision and motivation strategies necessary for effective leadership, management, relationships, and parenting?
  • What makes it possible for natural athletes and other super performers to achieve such a high level of excellence?

If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, and would like to have the skills that make excellence possible, then this training is for you.

Dates, Venue and Fees

Dates: One weekend a month for ten months, starting on the 8th February 2020, and every 2nd weekend of the month thereafter. (The Group will agree on alternative dates in the event of School or Public Holidays).

Venue: 305 Long Avenue, Randburg, 2194

Times: 09:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday

Lunch: 12:30 – 13:30 Please bring your own lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Fee: R32 000 per delegate, (VAT not applicable), including course manual. Terms available.


For fast registration contact Jimmy Kyriacou on:

Cell: 082 570 4483
e-mail: jimmy@inlp.co.za
Web site: www.inlp.co.za

Please Note: In order to secure a place, advanced booking is essential, with a 10% deposit (R3 200) upfront. In order to secure the Venue bookings close at the end of March.

About Your Trainer

Jimmy Kyriacou is a former Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, whose life was powerfully impacted by his discovery of NLP in 1987.

Wanting to contribute more significantly to empowering people to realize their full potential, he made the shift from the practice of law, to management consulting and training, in 1991.

He was certified as a NLP Trainer, by NLP co-developer Richard Bandler, in 1993 and has presented NLP trainings to many people since then. In 2001 he was certified as a Trainer in the cutting-edge NLP innovation of Neuro-Semantics, by its developer, Michael Hall and as a Meta Coach in 2004.

In his consulting work, Jimmy has specialised in the areas of Strategy, Performance Management and Leadership Development. He has also been involved in a number of Modelling Projects of excellent performers in business.

Jimmy has read and studied widely in numerous fields. In addition to his Legal degrees, he holds an Honours degree in Philosophy, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from a leading international university. He has two Master’s Degrees from St Augustine College where he is a part-time lecturer in Philosophy and Jurisprudence, and a PhD Candidate. Jimmy is also a Faculty Member for SAMLA (the South African Medico-Legal Association) where he teaches Logic and Legal Reasoning. He is a long-time practitioner of meditation and other forms of contemporary spirituality, in particular Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

In his training, consulting and counselling work, Jimmy brings a high level of insight, integrity and compassion, and is known for his respectful commitment to assisting people in the fulfilment of their noblest dreams.

What You Will Learn

Awakening the Senses: We organise what we see, hear and feel through our senses into our own distinctive model of the world. Discover how to do this in a way that most enables you to discover your strengths and abilities.

Identifying Non-Verbal Clues:
Linguists have long known that as much as 80% of communication is non-verbal. Develop your ability to effectively identify unconscious signals communicated by others.

Creating Rapport and Strong Relationships:
Creating meaningful personal relationships is important in all areas of life. Success can be hollow indeed if other people are not enriched by their experience of you as a person. Discover powerful ways to relate to people in a way that acknowledges their (and your) deepest values.

Utilising the Magic of Language:
The ability to use language to maximum effect to clarify misunderstandings, solve problems and establish what you and others really want in a particular situation is of immense value. Discover how to use NLP’s powerful Meta-Model of language to enhance your verbal communication with others, and in your own self-talk.

Determining Outcomes and Setting Goals:
Authentic power comes from knowing what you want and how to set goals in a way that is right for you and anyone else affected by them. You will learn a set of skills that empower you to focus on possibilities rather than limitations and then take action.

Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ):
EQ is widely becoming acknowledged as a more important contributor to success and happiness than talent or hard work. NLP’s Anchoring techniques will awaken your emotional awareness and enable you to easily and genuinely transform emotional states into resources.

Changing Behaviour in Ways That Last:
Many approaches to behaviour change assume that it is a difficult and tedious process. Discover ways to change behaviour that address the thinking patterns behind them and lead to genuine long-term change. Learn how to deal with fears and phobias that may have been holding you back from achieving what you want.

The Power of Ericksonian Hypnosis:
Experience and use natural hypnotic techniques based on the pioneering work of Milton H. Erickson M.D. in ways that evoke powerful unconscious resources conversationally. This style of hypnosis is open-ended, indirect and highly respectful.

How to Use the Strategies Model of Thinking:
Important everyday thinking processes such as getting motivated, making decisions and learning are often regarded as a given. In fact, however, there are effective and ineffective ways of doing each of them. NLP has modelled thinking strategies that you can discover, learn and teach for yourself.

“I have done the one year NLP Practitioners Training with Jimmy and derived a great deal of benefit from it, not only in fast tracking my own development and my ability to live my life effectively and more happily, but also in the way that I work with others. Jimmy is a profoundly insightful and compassionate person, and his course is a blessing to anyone wanting to live a more enlightened life.”
Dr. Berkeley Digby (Homeopath / Osteopath)