Star Leadership

Coaching & Training

Through a deeply personal transformation, we teach you the vital skills needed to become a certified Coach – either in your corporate organisation or in your personal capacity running your own Coaching practice.


  • Module 1             9 – 11 March 2020 (Monday – Wednesday)
  • Module 2            13 – 15 May 2020 (Wednesday – Friday)
  • Module 3             1 – 3 July 2020 (Wednesday – Friday)
  • Module 4             19 – 21 August 2020 (Wednesday – Friday)
  • Module 5             7 – 9 October 2020 (Wednesday – Friday)

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Star Coaching Training and Leadership Development is a programme to develop in-house coaches in your corporate organization or in your personal capacity, which will significantly impact how your people and clients think, decide and act, creating people who succeed.

Course Outline:

Your outer world mirrors your inner world. Changing your inner world, changes your outer world.” SAVANNAH STEINBERG, STAR Leadership Founding Director

Our Coach Training and Leadership programme is a deep immersion into what true transformation is, and how you can really make sustainable shifts in all aspects of your life.
The underlying paradigm that runs throughout is to empower individuals to ‘be conscious’, ‘be in control (of your thinking)’, and to ‘be in creation’.

It empowers individuals to embody unconditional positive regard for self and for others, unconditional acceptance of what is, and to consistently come from a place of genuineness. It is not that we need to let go or get rid of any aspect of ourselves, but rather to embrace and allow for more.

The programme is designed to shift the consciousness from a “victim” consciousness to one of collaboration and contribution. As said by Albert Einsten – “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” If we are to sustainably shift the challenges and problems we face, it requires a new level of thinking, and this is what this programme aims to achieve. Living in a VUCA climate (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) where uncertainty is the new certainty, and with a strong shift to globality, where the world is more and more connected, a way we will thrive is to come together as one.

Our programme is aimed at people in their personal capacity looking for a life-changing intervention or those developing as in-house coaches in corporate organizations, or if you wish to open your own coaching practice. This will significantly impact how you, your people and your clients think, decide and act, creating people who succeed.

Programme Duration and Structure:

  • Classroom based, instructor lead
  • 15 days, split into 5 modules of three days per module
  • 6 week gap between each module
  • Professional Enneagram Assessment
  • 8 x Professional Coaching sessions per person – one on one
  • 8 x Peer Coaching Sessions
  • 6 x Observed Mentoring Sessions – one on one
  • 3 x Peer Coaching Observed Sessions
  • E-Learning modules between sessions to support learning
  • Written exam and oral exam for accreditation purposes
  • STAR Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme is an Accredited Coach Training provider with the ICF. It is also a registered Training Institution and member of COMENSA and The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), and is recognized at an NQF Level 5.
  • Qualification on successful completion of all requirement: Certified Professional Coach

Training Approach:

The training is a combination of theoretical enquiries with a high emphasis on participant engagement and interaction, practical exercises to apply the theory, experiential processes to get the work at a very core level. The training style is relaxed and cultivates a learning environment that leaves participants free to have fun, while working in a very deep and meaningful context.

Our Methodology:

Transcendent Leadership Compass (TLC) Model
At the heart of the STAR Methodology TLC is about getting REAL. Breaking free from the self-monitoring cocoon so many people experience every day in order to fit in and belong, and connecting to a purpose that deeply inspires and aligns you. We do this by embarking on a process that helps raise one’s level of spiritual (SQ), emotional (EQ), adversity (AQ), creativity (CQ), physical (PQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ).

Transcendence is about rising above the self and relating to that which is greater than the self. It involves individuals conceiving themselves as an integral part of the universe as a whole. It is about moving beyond the ego, it is about seeing the world from a universal perspective.

‘Transcendence’ refers to the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to nature, and to the cosmos. (Maslow, 1971, p. 269)

At the heart of this model, the intention is to connect each one of us to who we really are such that we can create Responsible, Empathic, Authentic Leaders of Change (REAL).

To find out more please visit our website www.starleadership.co.za or email info@starleadership.co.za