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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Business and Life skills Coaching Training (ICF and ETDP accredited)

Orion Business Solutions has been offering business and life skills coaching training since 2006. The content of our courses originated from a PH D study conducted at the University of Johannesburg. Dr J Maritz did a global comparative study to determine the similarities and differences amongst all existing basic coaching courses and from there on designed the content for our courses. Positive psychology as a paradigm informs these courses-THE PURPOSE BEING FINDING AND NURTURING GENUIS AND TALENT, MAKING NORMAL LIFE MORE FULFILLING. Different frameworks are utilized in the courses connected to the positive psychology paradigm. Transformation and evolution are facilitated through the utilization of Social constructionism, Appreciative inquiry and Ontology.

Courses Offered

  1. Professional Business and Life skills coaching training
    (11, 5 days – over a period of 6 months)

This provides individuals with a thorough grounding and understanding in the fundamentals of business and life skills coaching. We believe that a person is an integrated human being with patterns of interaction between their internal and external environment. This determines their being in life. We therefore focus on both business and life skills coaching training. The course consists of two levels:

Level one: Covers a basic 6 day course spread over three months, which consists of two day lectures a month and practical assignments in between. The theory of level one covers the foundation of coaching, all aspects regarding self- awareness and growth, NLP logical levels, the psychology of coaching, a facilitative coaching process within a 5D Strength based framework, as well as all the facilitative techniques required within a coaching process. Issues regarding strategy in companies and marketing you as coach is also addressed. Delegates also need to embark on practical coaching interventions and receive supervision from an ICF accredited supervisor. Ethical standards are being dealt with by the vice chairperson of COMENSA. Delegates need to complete level one to embark to level two.

Level two: Consists of a three and a half day optimal state workshop. This allows delegates to be taken on a personal journey into the depths of their own humanness. Delegates will be immersed into ontology and gain insight into its function and the powerful implications of it in the future.

The post workshop the half-day session will unpack the purpose behind each process and how to apply it in a coaching context.

This 11,5 day course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation , and allow students the opportunity to use pre-approved training hours for an ACC(Associate Certified Coach), PCC(Professional Certified Coach), or MCC (Master Certified Coach)Portfolio application.

  1. The Line Manager as Coach and Mentor

Orion Business Solutions in conjunction with Learning performance Link also provide a basic coaching and mentoring course for line managers to enable them to have a basic coaching conversation with people reporting to him/her and you understand the difference between coaching and mentoring, and the process to be followed.

This course is also accredited with ETDP, NQF level 3, 4 credits. This course runs over a period of three months, with a one day theoretical component to it monthly as well as practical coaching assignments and supervision.

A coach cannot take a coachee beyond the level of the coaches own competence or depth of understanding. This course not only provides delegates with the ability to facilitate a coaching process and being the expert of the process, but also provides them with the ability to explore who they are as human beings, what it is to be human, who you are, what is important to you, what you yearn for and what is your purpose in life.