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Certificate in Coaching

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2017 course
Starts: February 2017
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Application for the 2017 course closes 30 November 2016
There is limited space available on the course as we endeavor to give personal attention and invest into each individual by keeping class sizes small.

More information on Strong Foundation

Strong Foundation was established in 1991. Our team has extensive experience from the Corporate, Business, Coaching, Counselling and Human Resource arena, and has dedicatedly invested into the lives of people and their companies, seeing them grow and become extraordinary individuals.
We EQuip towards purpose and excellence in the building of emotional intelligence and healthy servant-leadership practices. The outcome is sustainable businesses, well-balanced teams and individual success.
We are so confident and passionate about the transformation and change that coaching brings to both individuals and businesses, that we expanded our business into the area of training Practitioner Coaches.


Coach Education and Training Association of SA Member as Training Institute


International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring Accredited Master Coach

COMENSA Practitioner Member
Coach Training Provider

Services Seta Accredited Training Institute


Certificate in Coaching


Our Certificate in Coaching will have as its aim, the preparation and self-coaching principles the coach needs in order to work strongly within themselves and turn up authentically and more aware in a coaching conversation with clients. The program will provide delegates with principled and effective coaching skills that will equip them with the experiential know-how as they learn to utilize a coaching style within their areas of expertise. It will also prepare them to elevate their coaching career, with the option of entry into the Diploma in Coaching.
The programme aims to build learning on foundational and core coaching components.


10 months

Entry requirements

Completion of an application form
Senior Certificate
Ability to understand and communicate in English
Desire for self-awareness and personal development


1. Building a foundation for coaching
An introductory session aimed at equipping delegates with an understanding of what coaching is and is not. Positioning Coaching within other helping professions. An overview of how to use the basic GROW coaching model in a coaching conversation.2. Fundamentals for coaching
Exploring the fundamentals to guide Value-based Coaching. Principles of coaching, beliefs that underscore coaching and elements that are essential to coaching.3. Self awareness in coaching
Understanding oneself, own strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and preferences allows better understanding, adapting and connecting to others. Understand the concept of being an emotionally intelligent coach. Insight into the dynamics of ‘self’ will influence coaching – limiting assumptions, self-beliefs, values, world-view are some of the concepts that the coaches will explore.4. Self management
Understanding that we have the choice to self-manage. Exploring how the brain responds to change, fear and challenge. Looking at the influence of emotions on decision making. Elements of neuroscience and emotional intelligence are woven into the framework of self-awareness and self-management to attain presence as coach.

5. Coaching towards EQ
Looking at tools that will facilitate concepts of the EQ journey for the client. How to facilitate greater self-awareness and self-management in others. Working in a more holistic way. Case studies and practical applications.

6. Coaching towards congruence
Finding congruence. Understanding congruence. Coaching towards alignment between how we act, what we feel and how we think. Alignment between our body, soul and spirit man. Allowing for that sweet spot of flow!

7. Coaching toolbox and skills
An opportunity to put it all together. Taking stock of all the understanding and skills that have been acquired and how to be flexible in utilizing these skills. Case studies allow for practical and experiential learning.

8. Coaching ethics, standards and supervision
Ethics and standards are not limited to rules and regulations – it is representative of the heart of an organization. A strong foundation is established for ethical practice and principles within the field of coaching. Benefits of supervision and continued professional development are discussed.


There will be material or books that have to be read and incorporated. The book list will be sent to the student on successful registration for the programme.
After most modules, delegates will be given a project to complete to build emotional intelligence, self-awareness and coaching skills. The project will relate directly to the module that was presented. Individual learning will then be discussed at the next supervision session.

  • 40h of practical coaching
  • 20h of receiving coaching
  • Mentoring discussions
  • 3 individual supervision sessions

Each delegate will be responsible for keeping a record of coaching sessions as evidence.

Learning tools

The Certificate in Coaching will include monthly peer group meetings that will take place at a time mutually convenient for the group.  These sessions allow an opportunity to reflect on the previous module and learning that has taken place. It has at its aim to facilitate thinking, increase awareness, encourage, challenge and stimulate further development. These sessions are 2h in duration and are usually scheduled in the evening.

Peer group meetings

Formative assessments will include:

  • Projects handed in after each coaching module
  • Coaching log of 40h coaching, 20h being coached, at least 3 supervision session

Summative assessment:

  • A portfolio of evidence of personal coaching journey. The delegates will present their journey of transformation to the Strong Foundation Coach Trainers.
  • Live moderated coaching session


Training sessions are scheduled on a Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday, once a month, as on the Strong Foundation Training Calendar (available on request).

Class times on Friday will be from 13:00 – 18:00
Class times on a Saturday will be from 08h00 to 16h00.

Peer group meetings will take place at a time that is mutually convenient to the group. The session will start at 18h00 and end at approximately 20h30.

Class times

Included in the cost of the Certificate course is the following:

  • Personality Preference Profiling
  • Venue and catering costs for all class training and supervision sessions
  • Handouts for each module
  • Facilitation of class sessions by a qualified facilitator
  • 3 Supervision and all mentoring sessions
  • 8 x 1h coaching sessions with a Practitioner Coach
  • Access to the Strong Foundation library

Cost: R 40, 200 (Excl. VAT) + R5,628 (VAT) = R45, 828 (Incl. VAT)
Other costs:
Prescribed reading. Books will have to be purchased at the delegates own cost.


The successful completion of the Certificate in Coaching provides an opportunity to enter the Strong Foundation Academy of Coaching Diploma in Coaching (pending an entry interview for the Diploma course).

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