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UCT Graduate School of Business, Portswood Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Established in 2002, the Centre for Coaching – based at the UCT Graduate School of Business – is the country’s premier executive coaching organisation. It offers integral coaching to individuals and, through its consultancy company Coaching Matters, designs and delivers in-house coaching programmes for organisations.

The Centre has local and international accreditation. Through research, teaching and consulting it aims to:

  • Promote coaching as an effective business tool;
  • Deepen local knowledge of coaching and its benefits; and
  • Professionalise the coaching fraternity in South Africa.

Coaching Approach

The Centre for Coaching takes an integral coaching approach to help clients arrive at deep insights about themselves – which can then lead to lasting and meaningful development.

The integral approach explores all the constitutive elements of being human: spiritual; cognitive; emotional and somatic. Rather than simply staying on the level of a client’s behaviours and actions, it moves to the core of each person’s way of seeing their world and its challenges.

The coach’s job is to guide their client on a path of personal development by being fully present and witnessing and reflecting back to them their way of being in the world. A successful coaching outcome is when clients become unstuck from the assumptions that have locked them into seeing the world in certain way and they are released to explore new and different ways of encountering their lives.