Wendy Ward

Coach | Facilitator | Speaker
Telephone: 021 762 3607
Mobile Number: 083 412 8070
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Wendy creates learning platforms for leaders to respond, positively and realistically, with greater agility and intelligence, to both challenges AND opportunities that arise in times of change, complexity and uncertainty.

Wendy guides leaders, teams, organisations and communities to listen to WHAT they are being called to do and WHO they are being called to be. Within the container of a highly confidential and non-judgmental relationship, Wendy co-creates powerful processes for her clients to envision their highest future, tap into what is obvious, take bold and consistent action and achieve dynamic End Results.

Wendy works at an integral level to develop awareness in her clients enabling them to recognise and harness a broader range of their own innate and collective intelligence AND focus on maximising the innovative and intellectual capital of others SO THAT, through their teams, business and organisations, they can have a greater impact in the world. They learn, within the coaching partnership, to lead on local and global stages with greater consciousness. Leadership becomes leading with greater intuition, curiosity, humility and authenticity.

Wendy is passionate about developing leaders that are both resilient and revolutionary; leaders who understand that in order to re-invent their organisations they need to re-invent themselves. Her clients learn to adopt a Creative Orientation and are given tools to master the Creative Process by maintaining Creative Tension.

She is committed to standing in the greatness of her clients whilst at the same time coaching them, with “backbone and heart”, to understand the nature of resistance and to become more aware of unknown or hidden patterns that get in the way of and so often sabotage success.

Wendy's purpose is to coach, teach, empower, challenge and inspire her clients to THRIVE and EVOLVE in their life and leadership. Her vision is to develop Resilient Leaders who have capacity to perceive or SEE the world, ACT in the world, BE in the world, CREATE in the world and LEAD in the world in new, more powerful and more resilient ways.

Wendy has a background in law, television, education, coaching and leadership development. She has two sons of 21 and 19 who bring her enormous joy, keep her feet on the ground and her sense of humour well intact.

Independent Personal and Professional Development

  • Toastmasters – Competent Communicator
  • Leadership Maturity Framework with Dr Susanne Cook-Greuter
  • Fundamentals of Team Coaching
  • Flawless Consulting
  • 9 Conversations of Leadership
  • Working with the Enneagram
  • Who is the Expert? Leadership for a Thinking Environment
  • Introduction to Gestalt Theory
  • World Cafe: The Art of Hosting Cafe Conversations
  • Centre for Mindfulness: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course
  • The Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini
  • Re-storying for Coaches, Consultants and Counsellors
  • Harnessing Stress for Growth
  • Embracing Anxiety Seminar
  • Conscious Embodiment: Embodied Leadership
  • Peter Block: Community Building
  • Advanced Natural Success Training: Master Your Destiny, Alchemy for Success, Creative Warrior

Ethics and Values

Wendy has high ethical standards about the confidential and non-judgmental nature of the coaching relationship, contracting and establishing a container that is based on high levels of trust and rapport. Where an organisation is involved, the relationship extends. Coaching lies in the domain of accomplishment not therapy. In a business context coaching is not a remedial intervention and consideration should always be taken to the objectives not only of the individual coachee but of the organization as a whole.


  • LLB (Law Degree) from University of East Anglia, UK
  • Certificate in Comparative Religion, University of Roehampton, UK
  • Post Graduate Certificate of (Secondary School) Education, University of Brighton, UK
  • Diploma in Creative Education, The Centre for Creative Education, Cape Town
  • Diploma in Practitioner Coaching, The Integral Coaching Center, Cape Town

Previous Clients

  • Riskflow
  • The Foshini Group
  • Nedbank
  • Metropolitan
  • Woolworths
  • Old Mutual
  • Accenture
  • Global Load Control
  • SAPA


  • We are whole and do not need fixing
  • We are 100% responsible for our lives
  • We create according to where we choose to place our focus and how we resolve tension
  • Structure has integrity
  • Focus, flow and follow-through are key to creating successful end results
  • We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are
  • Genius starts with being able to trust ourselves

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