Coach Andy Fenske - Relationship Transformation Facilitator

Andy Fenske

Relationship Transformation Facilitator, Life & Executive Coach

Coach Andy Fenske - Relationship Transformation Facilitator

Cape Town, Sweden, Worldwide

Mindvalley Certified Life Coach (CLC) - accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

+46 76 559 8390

Vilebovägen 14, 217 63 Malmö, Sweden

From transitional change to lasting transformation

  • Think of what you want to heal, change, or achieve.
  • Where are you at right now?
  • What support do you need to get to where you want to be?

As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by human behavior, interaction, and transformation. Today, I am a Mindvalley Life and Executive Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and author. My book Connected Couples is an Amazon best-seller.

In my work as a Relationship Transformation Facilitator I help my clients to:

  • Get a deepened sense of self-awareness and understanding of themselves and their partner
  • Break their personal fear cycle and learn to navigate through challenging times
  • Discover the proven secrets to solving, and avoiding relationship problems in the first place
  • Develop the skills necessary for effective communication as well as strategies for fewer arguments and “better fighting“
  • Create a profound vision for their perfect relationship

Specialized in Relationships, Mindset, Healthy Habits, Identity Shift and Life Vision, I firmly believe in BE > DO > HAVE:
WHO I AM determines WHAT I DO, which in turn creates WHAT I HAVE – my results.

While being coached by me, you’re going to gain deep insight. You’ll identify the results you want and be held accountable for working towards them. Together, we’ll design ways to embed your newly learned skills and implement them into your everyday life.

I am ready when you are: Let’s start the work!

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Testimonials & Client Stories

“Andy is an extraordinary coach with an impressive level of understanding, positive mindset and knowledge. He is calm, generous, intuitive and holds a safe space with no judgement.
His ability to listen at a deep level allowed me to open up, get to the root of the issue and tackle them head on. His repertoire of tools and techniques reflected back in a calm and intelligent way made a world of difference.
Thank you Andy for being an amazing coach.”
Mona S.

“Can you believe it?! 30 minutes after my last session with Andy I had already written the Vision and Mission Statement for my coaching business!
I set a 7 minute alarm for the writing prompt “As a coach I am…” that he gave me. I started 3 times and only a few minutes after the alarm went off, I realized that I was ready to write them down. And I just did it.
Funny thing: Before our session, I was planning to set up a few HOURS for this…
From an overwhelming and boring task to a funny and challenging one in one express coaching session: Thanks to you, coach Andy.”
Michiko V.

“Working with Andy created continuities in the structuring of my thought process as if he himself were indeed the expression of universal continuity. 

He is living proof that the route back to myself would be harsh, so with patience and love he helped me recover my flawed self with dignity, the scars would heal, I would be out of the trauma ward in no time, all calculated to perfection. And be offered closure which makes sense of every mutual exchange both past and into the future.”
André R.

“I have been coached by Andy around behavior change. With his calm personality, he led me into thinking about my current behavior and the importance for me to change it. He made me realize the impact it will make on me and my family. The visualization technique he used was very effective. I can highly recommend Andy for Life coaching. His innate ability to ask the right questions, listen objectively and provide clarity is impressive.”
Shilpa J.

Vilebovägen 14, 217 63 Malmö, Sweden