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Bordeaux South, Bordeaux, Randburg, South Africa

Facilitating Change

So very often it’s the clutter in our minds that keeps us from thinking freely, in an expansive, creative and spontaneous way. We are all able to be creative – whether it’s about our personal lives, or our professional lives or businesses. But, for many of us, the ability to truly access our inate creativity is blocked by mental clutter. My approach to coaching is to facilitate a space for you, away from the clutter, where real creativity and expansive thinking can happen. In this way, creating the space for the changes that you hope for in your life.

By taking you through a coaching process, inspired by my Martha Beck training, I will facilitate your change journey. You have the option of face to face coaching in Bordeaux South, or skype sessions.


Years before I formally started on my coaching path, I studied Economics  (qualifying with a post graduate Honours Degree in Economics) and later, I majored in Psychology. Throughout my adult life, I have sought out personal development in various forms.

I am certified with the Martha Beck Life Coaching Institute, am an accredited Integrative Enneagram coach, and a COMENSA member.

Professional Experience

I have worked in a diverse range of environments ranging from international NGOs to a global advisory firm. I began my career working in the development sector in public health research; from there I transitioned to work in corporate social investment and then to management consulting, with a focus on healthcare. My path reflects my genuine interest in people and my deep appreciation of diversity. Currently, I am drawing on my experience by combining freelance management consulting with career coaching.


“I have supervised Judith Matthis’s coaching work on a regular basis for the past five years. She is a superb coach. She is able to build excellent rapport with her clients and enable them to articulate and work towards the changes they want to see in their professional and personal lives. 

Judith is a person of great integrity who always acts with professionalism and with a clear sense of ethics. She has a warm and approachable manner and is highly intuitive. She is constantly updating her knowledge and skills.

She has worked with a wide range of clients both individuals and in the corporate sector and has built up considerable experience. 

I can recommend her unreservedly. Please contact me should you require additional information.”
– Dr Annemarie Paulin-Campbell 

“Thank you for walking alongside me last year, your wisdom in discerning the depth I needed to go into in order to starting building my life and career up again…. taking me through a life changing journey.”
– T. Bhengu 

“My experience of career coaching helped me reposition my career path according to my strengths and interests. It assisted in renewing my mind and seeing life filled with opportunities, and, more importantly to regain self-drive and confidence. Thank you Judith, for making me take control of my career, of my life.”
– Keke Dibetso

“We all know and appreciate the benefits of having someone that you could talk to. Multiply those benefits when that someone also really listens to you without judgment and if she has the knowledge to give proper advice on how to tackle issues, develop yourself and to progress in whatever area of your life you were stuck in. This is what Judith’s coaching is doing for me. She listens and then advises by giving tools to use whenever needed. It was amazing for me to find out about the stuff: issues, emotions, past experiences that became my truth. Just by looking at these hindrances from different angles and with the tools Judith has given me, I have been able to move on, feel much more content and brave. Judith’s coaching is like a gift to discover yourself and be the best and happiest you.”
– Esta Calitz

“Judith’s gentle, caring nature and ability to focus in on key life issues was life changing for me. Her ability to move me from my “stuckness’ and face the real issues holding me back was profound and has had an influence on my way of being since then. I highly recommend her life coaching!”
– Nan Lutz, SheNANg Sports, Remedial, Relaxation Massage Therapy and Mindfulness Training

Bordeaux South, Bordeaux, Randburg, South Africa