Benita Swart – Consult and Bloom

Career Coach & Enneagram Practitioner


Woodlands, Pretoria, Gauteng

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner - Integrative 9; Certificate in Change Management - Prosci ; Learning how to Learn certificate.

083 296 8170



148 Rockwood Crescent, Woodlands, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


I am a Student Journey Mentor. I am Benita Swart, a passionate, energetic and motivated individual, with 15 years of experience working with students and youth. I am a mother, an educationist, a Student Mentor, and an accredited Enneagram Practitioner and Prosci Change Management practitioner. I am also an expert Brand Strategist and an holistic health enthusiast and avid traveler.

I hold a Master’s in Business Leadership and a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, an Honors in Business Management and Degree in Marketing and Communication.

I recently conducted formal academic research regarding Generation Z aged 16 – 25 regarding their student journey and gained formal insights into their challenges and how I can support students.


I have a passion to guide learners in their study pathways and career choices, to changing mindsets to become resilient, support students to find their purpose, incorporate their meaningful aspirations into their student journey, learn better and faster, complete their qualifications, and help prepare for and build their future careers and pursue purposeful adventures along their journey.


The Enneagram Personality Type Assessment focuses on: self-awareness, self-reflection, motivations, emotional intelligence and resilience. It can benefit the youth to learn how to build on their current strengths, change some negative habits and gain a new mindset and new purposeful strategies to grow. We will utilises the Edgar Shein’s Career Anchor assessment to understand the motivations behind individual work fulfillment, explore study pathways, and prepare for a future career.

Let me support your learner or student to:

  •  explore their study options and career choices
  • create a resilient mindset and perspective
  • learn better and faster
  • pass their qualification
  • co-create a strong personal brand identity
  • help prepare them for the world of work and get their 1st job
  • envision purposeful adventures along their student journey


Are you as the parental guardian or as the student/learner worried or experiencing the following:

  • Selecting the right study pathway, institution and qualification?
  • Sensing the following in your student/learner: a lack of confidence, negative and want to be more resilient?
  • Sensing that your student/learner is unsure about their life’s purpose and searching for more?
  • Do you want self-discovering, reflection and keen self-awareness for your student/learner?
  • Do you want to grow your student/learner’s relationships to be more positive and bloom?
  • Do you want to overcome the fears of your student/learner’s future and negative thinking about the years ahead in their twenties?
  • Do you sense your student/learner feeling demotivated, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed in their studies and life?
  • Is your student/learner not coping with their studies as a new 1st year student?
  • Is your student/learner struggling to keep up with the learning pace?
  • Is your student/learner unsure if their studies is the right fit for them?
  • Do you want your student/learner to have a strong personal brand with which to shine in the world?
  • Is your student a final year student who feels unsure about how to approach the process of getting employed?


“Benita started guiding me when I was a student and continued until now as a functioning adult. Her guidance got helped me achieve more than I have ever imagined. She gave me the confidence to be able to achieve more in my working capacity since starting my 1st job and moved on to receiving various promotions. She helped give me clarity on my journey to adulting, and acceptance in terms of my orientation within society. I have learned how to love myself the most, accept that life is a wonderful journey that can only be fulfilled by oneself, and that it is my own responsibility to achieve the dreams that I want. I have learned that utilizing my people skills to unlock certain traits in people that will not only benefit me, but also the people around me. I have learned that there is nothing but myself that is stopping me from being who I want to be. Benita is the guiding star that helped me pivot my potential to achieve more than I had ever thought. “

148 Rockwood Crescent, Woodlands, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa