Rene Sickle-Haffajee

Business and Life Coach
Cape Town
Associate Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation); Professional Accredited Coach (COMENSA); Professional Coach (European Coaching and Mentoring Institute)
Mobile Number: 083 4444 551
Email Address:
Cape Town, South Africa

Previous background and business experience
(my experience, talent and skills)

Rene had a successful career in management, organisational and people development, within the corporate environment. For the past 8 years she has been working as a MD in her company OutsourcedHR.  She has specialist expertise in change management.  With an emphasis on working towards the achievement of tangible results, her purpose is to journey and partner with the client, to enable consistent, meaningful and rewarding conversations.  If you are looking for change in your business or personal life and you want to achieve different results and work towards new goals then make contact with me to schedule a free introductory session to coaching.  I follow the neuroscience model of coaching which works with the most recent findings on the brain.

Particular area of focus in coaching
(How I like to work in the coaching process)

Rene is a business and life coach.  “People have far more potential than what they credit themselves for and can achieve the change they want to be.”  Our coaching sessions will include the following;

  • Self directed learning: Coaching is about having you come up with your own answers, rather than me giving you advice.
  • Solution focused: In this process we will focus more on solutions than problems.
  • Positive feedback: We will focus on your learnings, strengths and growth.
  • Stretch: I will be stretching and challenging you so that you get the most learning from your coaching sessions.
  • Structure: This is a structured process that ensures that you stay on track and progress towards your desired outcomes.

Coaching is self directed because neuroscience has shown that no two brains are even remotely alike.  In other words, how you think is completely different to how I think.  So it is important that you make your own connections and create new wiring yourself based on your own experience.

We use the same structure in each session because neuroscience research tells us that the brain needs certainty.  When you know what to expect from each session, you are far more able to focus on what you are learning and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, rather than wondering what is going to happen next.

A solution focus tends to put our brains in a positive emotional state and research shows that this is where we learn best and are most likely to have insights.  That’s why in coaching we focus on our vision for the future.

Qualifications, membership associations & affiliations

  • Associate Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Professional Accredited Coach (COMENSA)
  • Professional Coach  (European Coaching and Mentoring Institute)
  • Brain Based (neuroscience) Coaching Certificate
  • Results Coaching Intensive Coaching Certificate
  • Results Business Coaching Certificate
  • Results Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Management

Coaching experience
(my years / hours)

Rene has worked with individuals across all spectrums of business and has coached at all levels from Senior Managers to Professionals, both external and internal within organisations, business units and departments. Clients include people in financial services, SME’s (small and medium businesses) and within the management consulting space. Coaching for the past 11 years, Rene’s clients would describe her coaching style as challenging and direct combined with wisdom, compassion and making use of models that resonate with people in business or in their personal lives and provide great frameworks for identifying self-development paths.

Methods of delivering coaching

  • Skype,
  • Telephone or
  • face to face


R700 to R2000 per session depending on the method of delivery required

Coaching Agreement

Period of 6 months (twice per month)