Laura Ann Tomasella

Professional Business and Executive Coach

Johannesburg and Skype

Master of Management in the field of Business Executive Coaching (Wits Business School 2011-2013); Business and Executive Coaching Certificate (WBS 2010); Postgraduate Diploma in Management (WBS); BA Hons

082 321 8928

Johannesburg, South Africa

Coaching is a tool for better thinking. I am versed in various coaching techniques due to my academic background. I employ basic coaching models and draw on a number of theoretical standpoints to underpin them.

We all know that people are more creative and efficient when working in collaboration – brains connecting and creating, and growing as a result: ‘two heads are better than one’. This is what coaching is – a collaborative thinking exercise.

My philosophical orientation is a ‘social constructivist’ one. In terms of coaching, this means that I am able to facilitate a change in an individual’s narrative, in order to create a new reality. I have the tools to analyse what you say in order to help you understand how you shape your world through the way you frame your experiences. I base this on phenomenological observation – gathering ‘data’ through observation of your verbal language and non-verbal cues. I draw on training in Gestalt, narrative coaching, learning theory and neuroscience, among others.

Prior to my coaching work, I worked in real estate for 10 years. In 2010, I started the process of re-skilling and coaching because I understood the dynamics of transition and wanted to facilitate people in business to move from where they are to where they want to be. I’ve worked primarily with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, individuals in senior and middle management as well as professional individuals who are often working through a major professional transition.

My purpose is to help professionals learn ways to optimise potential and overcome limiting beliefs in order to improve individual performance and efficiency with over-reaching organisational benefits. With my skills, I am able to facilitate learning in order to develop capacities, improve clarity, find better balance, align personal meaning with organisational goals and strengthen relationships towards better productivity.

My job is to help you navigate change or mobilise it, and come out of the experience knowing yourself better with having developed tools to think clearly. As a result you will improve your work life and reach your goals.