Patrick Niland

Business Executive Coach
Cape Town | Johannesburg & Durban via Skype
BA (Hon) Psychology & Information Technology; Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching; Total SDI Facilitator; Transactional Analysis 101; Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment (Level 1)
Mobile Number: 083 561 7333
Email Address:
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Patrick is the founder and lead coach of About Change (Pty) Ltd and also an active shareholder and director of Enhanced Retailing (Pty) Ltd, a niche technology reseller and services provider to the retail industry in the South Africa.

Having worked in the private sector for over 25 years in roles ranging from software developer, applications trainer, new business development through to MD, with industry exposure of software / services, conferencing, security technology and creative marketing services, Patrick brings a wealth of experience in working with and managing in, various company sizes and cultures.

I’ve lived and worked in Ireland, England, Spain and Australia and now in South Africa since 2002.  I am familiar with the challenges of adapting to new roles and cultures. I firmly believe it is through revising our perspectives we open up to personal growth. ).   When coaching I follow a solutions focused approach combined with strengths analysis and developing emotional intelligence.

Some of my favourite areas to coach with are:

  • Improving your leadership skills in terms of people management
  • Increasing productivity for you and your team
  • Improving relationships and conflict management
  • Communication skills and overcoming public speaking anxiety

I am an accredited coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a member of COMENSA (Coaching and Mentors of South Africa) as well as a certified facilitator of total SDI strengths analysis.


  • Why did you become a coach?

I’ve always been interested in people and what motivates us to behave the way we do (hence I did my undergrad majoring in Psychology). Post my degree I followed a different path and spent the following 23 years in the IT business development and marketing arena in various guises, within international and South African businesses. Ultimately I co-founded my first business in 2009 in which I’m still a director. Then ‘40 something’ happened and I realised that although I was making a living, I also needed to do more for others (and ultimately myself).

  • What kinds of things do you usually work with?

This can vary as each client guides me as to what they need or wish to improve upon. It can be anything from management and leadership development, procrastinating less, increasing productivity in self and others, improving ability to see alternate viewpoints, to the more personal issues like addressing fears of public speaking, overcoming self-doubts and managing family life stresses with work challenges.

  • What can I expect in a session with you?

You can expect me to ask questions, be listened too and most importantly heard. YOU will work through and brainstorm your own solutions for your unique requirements. Once we’ve set your agenda and desired outcomes we will tackle them step by step and I will ensure we stay track. Bottom line, I will be in your corner, supporting you to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. Our work will be confidential, challenging but also rewarding and fun.

  • Where and how often does the coaching happen?

Every client has different requirements.  Usually coaching will take place at your work premises, especially where there are a number of people being coached concurrently. Alternatively I coach at my premises in Cape Town or via Skype for long distant clients.  What is important is that wherever we meet, the location must be private and comfortable for you as well as limiting interruptions and distractions.  I usually contract for between 8-12 sessions depending on the client contract and individual needs, however we do review the process after 3 sessions to ensure you are getting what you need from the coaching for us to continue.

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