Louise Janovsky – Coaching for Clarity

Business and Balance Coach

Bryanston, Johannesburg

BCom in Marketing (Unisa); Post Graduate Diploma in Brand Management (The Triple A School of Advertising); Certificate in Executive Coaching (UCT); currently completing a certified course in Positive Psychology (Coursera)

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5 Libertas Road, Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa

For 23 years I have worked in sales, marketing and management roles. I lead a Promotional Gifting business with an accomplished and talented team, and I thrive in the qualitative and collaborative environment that we have created. I believe in positivity, productivity and engagement as key drivers for work and life satisfaction.

I believe strongly in the myriad of possibilities that life has to offer you, and would love to help you feel empowered and excited by your own potential. I can help you to recognize more opportunities, and to see less barriers. I believe that you hold the answers and the key to finding your own sense of flourishing and fulfillment. I can support your growth by listening deeply, questioning carefully, encouraging reflection and helping you to re-discover your strengths, and how you can use them more in your personal life and career. I can help you to set realistic goals, and support you in identifying the behaviors and habits to achieve them.

Particular Areas of Interest and Specialty:

  • Productivity and Deep Work: A Coaching Program to empower individuals to harness their productivity and improve their work performance, or for teams to enhance the way they work together and improve productivity, for increased collective performance.
  • Flourishing and Fulfilment: A Coaching Program using the PERMA approach to increasing wellness through Positive emotions, Engagement and Flow, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.
  • Balance and Wellness: A Coaching program using the Wheel of Life to set and achieve goals in key life areas (i.e. Career, Wellness, Finance, Family, Friendships, Personal Growth, Hobbies and Recreation, Community etc)

To schedule a free Discovery session, or for a detailed breakdown of my offerings and program pricing, please go to my website, or send me an email at louise@cdpgifts.co.za