Sazi Asanda Ndwandwa

Business Leadership Development and Transition Coach

Cape Town, Johannesburg – but digital platforms also used.

MPhil (Management Coaching) | Chartered Accountant (South Africa)

021 830 5415

+27 79 213 1566



Cape Town, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

I am a professional coach with an MPhil degree in Management Coaching.
I am also a Chartered Accountant with more than ten years of senior management experience – five of these in an executive capacity.

I enjoy helping leaders during times of change. My coaching model is centred on understanding the values that drive the individual and the business as well as understanding the strengths that the client already has. The coaching relationship has clear objectives and these are measured to ensure that there is progress in achieving the coaching goals.

Although the coaching approach is focused on identifying and using strengths, it also identifies and confronts assumptions and beliefs that limit the thinking (and aspirations) of the individual and the business.

The coaching is a customised development tool – it is tailor made to address the matters that are important to the client, at a pace that suits the client and their circumstances; the coaching enhances the client’s personality, learning style and communication style.

As a black African male living in South Africa, I help organisations and individuals to bridge cultural gaps towards achieving the government’s goal and societal needs in South Africa – transformation that adds sustainable value. I coach to ease and fast-track the assimilation of black African business leaders into organisational leadership teams and I assist genuine BBBEE partnerships to realise optimal sustainable value.

Key benefits from the coaching include:

  • Self-awareness to understand value systems, assumptions and associated behaviours as well as their impact;
  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-confidence;
  • Planning and managing professional career;
  • Development of leadership competencies (coaching as customised continuous training);
  • Transitioning into new roles (including succession planning);
  • Genuine and sustainable value-adding BBBEE and employment equity initiatives;
  • Strategic thinking and implementation;
  • Setting goals, monitoring and improving performance; and
  • Understanding of systems and cultures and how they interrelate