Rene Sickle-Haffajee

Business and Life Coach
Sandton, Johannesburg
Associate Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation); Professional Accredited Coach (COMENSA); Professional Coach (European Coaching and Mentoring Institute)
Telephone: 011 881 5588
Mobile Number: 083 4444 551
Email Address:
2nd Floor, West Tower, Maude Street, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton

Previous background and business experience
(my experience, talent and skills)

I grew up in Cape Town and came from a very poor background.  At the time I did not know I was poor.  As a child I enjoyed life to the fullest and I could hardly wait to wake up on holidays, meet my friends or run across the field we had across our road.  Later, at the age of 5-6 my entrepreneurial and leadership interests started to form and I could hardly wait to finish my school day to play various games with my cousin.  In our imagination we owned shops, butcheries, we were school teachers, you name it we played it.

During my high school period I had fun with my friends, we imagined, explored and created at every chance we had.  My big dream at high school was to travel through Europe after high school but everyone recommended that I to study.  I invested 8 months at University and then decided that I was going to start to work so that I could save up to go achieve my goal of travelling Europe.  I worked for three months and then decided that I would start a business.  I was determined to travel.  I put in every effort and through perseverance, hard work, dedication and a dream, I made enough money in my business to afford my flight, visa’s and minimal spending money.  To date that year, I spent in Europe was the most exciting adventure of my life, it was hard, but I was determined to learn all that I could learn and see all that I could see.  Till today I believe that the year of travel shaped who I became later in my life.

On returning to South Africa I started to work in entry level roles and although I did not have the experience necessary, employers hired me because of my can-do attitude.  I progressed rapidly and at age 25 I started my career in management.  I loved managing people, I was a tough manager, but I will be forever grateful for those days and that journey into my life as a manager lead me to Johannesburg.  I left my family home with my clothing in my car and hit the road with minimal funds (ok, no funds).  I managed to rent my first garden cottage with a post-dated cheque based on the job offer I was going to get (dream). I did get that job offer and stayed in that garden cottage for over a year.  I started my studies during this time of life and I can concur that being educated is important and adds significant support in life.  I still study today as this is a never-ending process and there is always something new to learn.  Education opens doors.

Management of people inspired me. It inspired me to see how people grew, developed and evolved.  Those staff also gave me the opportunity to learn, test myself and evolve into who I wanted to be.  I worked relentlessly and eventually ended up managing a staff compliment of over 500 people.  After this steep growth and development as a sales manager, I moved into the area of Organisational Development at a large bank.  Once again, this reinvention challenged me as I started from the bottom up developing this area of expertise.  After persevering for 2 years, I moved into the Head of Coaching role and I loved it.  This role opened many opportunities for me, my company allowed me to travel internationally to conferences and events and it stretched me.  It allowed me to interact and build relationships with people from across the organisation and I was at the top of my game, learning new and exciting new skills.

I eventually left that role to start my own company.  What is amazing is that every time I started in a new life process it felt like that was the hardest thing I choose because learning feels like that.  For two years we battled through building the business from the ground up and through the perseverance, relentless focus we eventually succeeded in business. Now this felt like the most amazing thing to happen to me, I loved being a business owner.  The skills I learned were challenging.  In business I had to learn to deal with lots of rejection, go through the grieving process, cry, lick my wounds and get back on my pony and carry on.  Working for myself allowed me the opportunity to travel and explore the world and I also learned valuable skills about working and managing a team virtually.  In your own business you don’t often get to take leave, if you are travelling you must find a way to communicate with people and keep the balls up in the air.  It was a wonderful and rewarding experience.  After 8 years of running my business I decided to take a sabbatical.

They say we all have a book in us, so I took the time afforded to write my book.  It’s not as easy as it looks, mind you.  I went on other personal growth courses, I learned about cooking and being present, about cleaning my own house and what it’s like to live life day to day.  It’s fascinating but it gets boring because if you are a perpetual learner you never choose giving up, as life has so much to offer.

My next journey was a fascination with minimalism and the concepts of living a sustainable life on this planet.  The tiny house movement fascinated me, and I wanted to feel what it was like living in a tiny house unencumbered by stuff.  I read all there was to read about people living alternative lifestyles as well as what the sacrifices were that they needed to make and what the rewards were.  I tried it, realised it was a total 180-degree experience and realised that my love for luxury, new experiences and travel would be gravely affected and maybe non-existent if I continued on this path but never the less it was a fascinating opportunity to understand and experience the lives people live in an alternative reality.

Obviously, there is very exciting detail attached to the story of my life, much more than I can communicate in this bio but I believe that I choose this life because when I was young we moved around a lot and moving offered me the opportunity to see how different people lived, to witness the different social situations and patterns people practiced. I witnessed and experienced what life afforded you if you had money versus not having money.  I know what your rewards are if you put effort into your life versus cruising through life and about their related experiences. And then the road had some more twists and turns and now I am where I am today, focused on coaching, development and inspiring people to live their dream.

Life can be an amazing adventure or a daily drudgery.  Reinventing yourself takes a dream and daily focus in the direction of that dream.  Success is about achieving that dream, whatever it may be for you?

The meaning of success is different for each one of us.  Success is attainable, it only depends on you and the focus you are prepared to put into the attainment of living your dream.  It takes little actions in the direction of the vision you have for your life.  Success is not only about money and material things, success is a feeling inside of you.  A feeling that makes you grateful for a new day.  A feeling that makes you stand back in moments and just feel present, happy and at peace with who you have become.  Every one of us can attain success.  It’s not so much about stuff and rather about being able to summon this combination of emotions at will and in the direction of your choosing.  Stuff does not really make you happy, its more about the experiences that money can buy.  Choose a life of success and passion, it’s much better than a dull, gloomy or melancholy existence.  I look forward to what I am going to create in the next 10 years of my life, Are YOU looking forward to what you are creating?

As your coach I will help you experience your version of success!

Call today, take the time out, because you can to talk about your dreams and visions for your LIFE…

Particular area of focus in coaching
(How I like to work in the coaching process)

Rene is a business and life coach.  “People have far more potential than what they credit themselves for and can achieve the change they want to be.”  Our coaching sessions will include the following;

  • Self-directed learning: Coaching is about having you come up with your own answers, rather than me giving you advice.
  • Solution focused: In this process we will focus more on solutions than problems.
  • Positive feedback: We will focus on your learnings, strengths and growth.
  • Stretch: I will be stretching and challenging you so that you get the most learning from your coaching sessions.
  • Structure: This is a structured process that ensures that you stay on track and progress towards your desired outcomes.

Coaching is a one on one relationship where the coach and the client meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to discuss, strategize and work towards achieving the client’s goals.  We work towards building the life that you want to live.  We work towards leaving the life behind that’s mundane and uninspired.  It is a tailor-made approach to suit the client’s development needs and is different to training due to the direct, or one on one nature of the meetings.  Coaching focuses in the areas of vision and planning.

During the first session we discuss and decide on three main areas or goals that would make a significant difference to the client’s life.  Those 3 areas or goals become the basis of the coaching session going forward.  The 3 areas that the client is inspired to work on for the next 6 months when achieved will change the way that the client experiences life.  We also work together on secondary goals through the process.

Without coaching, setting goals and focus as in a normal life situation and due to the nature of life the client tends to get caught up in the drama and details of life, there is minimal planning and focus and life becomes mundane and routine filled with being busy and the client’s goals and aspirations often takes a back seat.  The life created becomes uninspired and very little development happens.  There tends to be a downward spiral and very often the client ends up in a rut or feeling totally stuck and uninspired.

In the coaching relationship the coach takes the role as the manager, trainer, performance coach, mentor and by using specific processes and tools and together with the client develops new beliefs, life philosophies and act towards the attainment of success and an improved experience in career and life.

During the coaching journey we celebrate the milestones attained and we continually focus on the areas for improvement and develop strategies based on the client’s needs, that are tailor made to the client and in turn the client benefits from continuous readjustment which leads to improved experience in life.

When you reflect on the process of nature you will notice that its always based on the process of abundance and growth.  Nature always reinvents itself.  The difference between nature and a human being is that the human being has a mind that may be filled with faulty belief systems, ineffective life philosophies, poor behaviour which tends to perpetuate itself and spiral in a negative downward trend.

Human beings have emotions (negative or positive), beliefs (negative or positive), habits (negative or positive), relationships (negative or positive), that they act from.  The only real opportunity in everyday life that allows us to self-direct and improve comes to us in the form of the feedback from our colleagues, friends, family, peers and quality of relationships is often met with disdain and disinterest due to our understanding, patterns and beliefs or lack of internal emotional management.

To attain a positive experience of life, you need to first be present then you need to hear the feedback and then take corrective action.  This process needs to be ongoing through your life.  That’s what you must do to just attain a good experience of life.

If you want to experience a great relationship with life where all your needs are met, aspirations are achieved, and goals are attained you need to correct your faulty belief system, attain balance and then use your imagination, set goals, work towards your goals and vision with relentless perseverance daily in your desired direction.

It’s very easy to desire a great life, great positive relationships, new experiences but my question is what are you prepared to do to attain that state?

You choose…

  • Do you want to feel fulfilled at the end of your life, feeling no regrets for lost opportunities?
  • Do you want to experience happy and fulfilled relationships?
  • Do you want to reach your potential?
  • Do you want to buy experiences that will stay with you forever or do you want to go through life, being mediocre?

Call NOW to start the process of achievement and great experiences…011-8815588 or 083-4444551

I want to hear about the life you want to achieve, call to book a 15-minute telephone discussion that’s all about you, your dreams, your desires, your aspiration, reach for your dreams and touch the sky.  ITS POSSIBLE

Qualifications, membership associations & affiliations

  • Associate Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Professional Accredited Coach (COMENSA)
  • Professional Coach (European Coaching and Mentoring Institute)
  • Brain Based (neuroscience) Coaching Certificate
  • Results Coaching Intensive Coaching Certificate
  • Results Business Coaching Certificate
  • Results Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Management
  • Current: Masters in Business

Coaching experience
(my years / hours)

Rene has worked with individuals across all spectrums of business and has coached at all levels from Senior Managers to Professionals, both external and internal within organisations, business units and departments. Clients include people in financial services, SME’s (small and medium businesses) and within the management consulting space. Coaching for the past 15 years, Rene’s clients would describe her coaching style as challenging and direct combined with wisdom, compassion and making use of models that resonate with people in business or in their personal lives and provide great frameworks for identifying self-development paths.

Methods of delivering coaching

  • Skype,
  • Telephone or
  • Face to face.


R 2 500 per session (telephone or face to face – 2-hour session)

Coaching Agreement

Period of 6-12 months (once or twice per month)