Aneesa Theron

Coaching Alchemist & Wealth Engineer


Cape Town

Developing Leadership & Leadership Skills, Introduction to Financial Management, Operations and Project Management (NQF 5), LMI-Effective Personal Leadership, Post Grad diploma in management (NQF 8) business and leadership - Honors

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Cape Town, South Africa

“We choose to be a victim of our environment or allow it to shape our life’s direction”. My personal philosophy is embodied in this statement, it inspires me and remains a goal point to become better than that which I was born into, a valuable contributor to society.

I hold within a strong vision to contribute to the wealth of the economy and indeed, into the lives of individuals, creating value in organisations and peoples’ lives. I’m passionate in paying it forward, by influencing and guiding positively, with optimism, love, compassion, and to live authentically with acceptance, courage, and contentment.

I am privileged to have exposure across diverse roles during my professional career, enhancing my body of knowledge across various industries. My endeavour is to become an innovative professional serving others who are working towards self-leadership and mastery. I am passionately inspired to help leaders cultivate authentic meaningful relationships, connecting value to people and business, for greater good and social impact.

As a coaching alchemist, I support entrepreneurs, managers, and corporate executives, to thrive as leaders. I work with clients to navigate bold change, its challenges, and the unfamiliar terrain in today’s exceptionally volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous climate. I inspire confidence through critical thinking and asking astute strategic questions to uncover root causes, this enables wise decisions to increase influence and impact. As a thinking partner, I facilitate and encourage reflection and insight, shifting complex business problems into sustainable solutions, for remarkable results.

My brand promise as a Coach & Conscious Change Catalyst, is to inspire bravery to accomplish your purpose with clarity, conviction, resilience, and tenacity, always leading with humility and heart. I am an ambassador of inclusive, equitable learning cultures, that fosters positive employee experiences, engagement, and curiosity, to execute business strategy and deliver exceptional shareholder value.

I promise to always walk a heart-centred compassionate journey with my clients, to enlighten and empower transformative behaviour change, towards a credible self-actualised culture. I would love to be your reflection partner and conscious catalyst for success!

Activities and societies

Systems Thinking & Critical Thinking – Values based leadership/Shared Value/Value Creation/Sustainability


My coaching journey with Aneesa was a truly empowering and transformative one. She provided me with a safe space to tap into who Tanya is and so much was, and continues to be, unraveled because of the tools, learnings and experiences I have had with Aneesa. I know she always says that she cant take credit for any of the transformation and growth that I have experienced since beginning my coaching journey with her, but I truly feel it would have taken me much longer to tap into my inner child and reach a place of empowerment without her collaboration and role in my journey. I am deeply grateful for the role she has played in my coaching journey, and I continue to see myself achieving many of the goals I had when we started the journey, because she helped me build a nurturing and growth mindset.

Tanya Khanyisile De Gouveia
Enterprise & Supplier Project Lead at TSIBA Ignition Academy

At the beginning of my coaching journey with Aneesa, I had underlying self-doubts regarding my ability to perform my job proficiently. This journey represented a significant opportunity for me to overcome my fears and transform my mindset, bringing about a lot of personal and professional growth. Aneesa’s guidance encouraged me to dig deeper into my identity and aspirations, empowering me with the confidence to assert myself in professional settings. She challenged me to look at things differently and envision my future self, visualising the person I aspire to become and the potential that individual holds. Each and every session was life changing and I am grateful for that. This timely collaboration helped me navigate my first ever corporate role, and I am deeply appreciative to have had her support throughout this journey.

Mahlwele Makgethoa
Business Analysis Learner, Junior IT

Cape Town, South Africa