Andrea Riem - Innate Potential

Andrea Riem – Innate Potential

Transformational Coach, Edu-Kinesiologist, Brain Gym® Practitioner & Trainer, Author

Andrea Riem - Innate Potential

Johannesburg & Online

Educational Kinesiologist; Brain Gym® Practitioner & Trainer; Certified Dominance Factor Instructor; Movement Based Learning Practitioner & Trainer; Public Relations Management; Results Coaching Systems - Coaching Skills; Wealth Mindset

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Kroton Street North, Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa

Andrea Riem is a wife and mom of two. She works as an Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym® and Movement based learning practitioner and trainer in Johannesburg South Africa. She has an incredible ability to interact with children and adults from a space they are comfortable and assist them to shift positively by breaking through personal blocks to enable them to reach their potential. Andrea is the author of the children’s book “How Iggy Healed His Heart”. Andrea’s writing brings a wonderful teaching element through a story, teaching life-lessons and teaching tools to children on how to cope with life challenges. Simple and practical tips that can be used by all readers young and old.

Andrea has always had a deep passion for helping and supporting others, especially children. With an innate desire to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone she meets. Her caring nature and passion for her work emanates through her facilitated sessions. Andrea’s purpose is being able to help others unlock their potential and walk into a happy, loving and fulfilling life.

Andrea has been practicing Brain Gym® & Edu-Kinesiology since 2009 and she has worked many years in the Corporate environment with over 12 years’ experience within the very fast paced Telecommunications environment specialising in Employee Engagement, Employee Wellness and Internal Communications.

Andrea assists businesses, adults and children to connect with their full potential through Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K). A special focus on reflex integration using internationally renowned MNRI (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) Method.


  • One-on-one sessions – face to face or online
  • Dominance Brain Profiles – Understanding how you respond under stress & why
  • Love Languages – understanding your relationships
  • Learning Styles
  • Team engagements
  • Coaching
  • Training

Specialist areas for adults & children:

Stress & Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, learning challenges, Emotional difficulties, poor concentration and recall, low self-esteem, Hyper / Hypo-active behaviour, dyslexia, sleep challenges, addictions, shifting stuck subconscious emotions & beliefs, those living with special needs and many more.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Educational Kinesiologist
  • Brain Gym® Practitioner & Trainer
  • Certified Dominance Factor Instructor
  • Movement Based Learning Practitioner & Trainer
  • Public Relations Management
  • Results Coaching Systems – Coaching Skills
  • Wealth Mindset
  • MNRI® Dynamic Postural Reflex Pattern Integration Skills
  • MNRI® Archetype Movement Integration Skills
  • MNRI® Masgutova® Method of Neurosensorimotor Facilitation – Tactile Integration
  • Employee Engagement & Employee Wellness
  • Internal Communications

Training – Certified Brain Gym® Workshops:

  • Triumph Over Fear
  • Building Block Activities – Movement based learning for those living with Special Needs – Adults & Children
  • Brain Gym® for Babies
  • Brain Gym® 104
  • Neuro-Integration Movements
  • Brain Gym® 101
  • The Dominance Factor
  • Early Childhood Reflexes


Business Coaching & Workshops –
“Andrea has facilitated various individual and team sessions for me and my teams with great success. Being in HR, we deal a lot with a variety of complexities in human resources. People experience change, stress, irrational human behaviour, lower performance and motivational and energetic issues. On an individual level, Andrea’s treatment taught me to relax, stay focused under unusual stress and anxiety, control my behaviour and emotions and in general perform better.
On a team level, Andrea facilitated various sessions where she assisted employees in having fun in spite of dire circumstance, stay motivated and energised and released tension and anxiety.
This all happened without any medication or severe intervention. Andrea has a special ability to instill trust, calmness and serenity. What a wonderful person facilitating amazing processes … changing people for the better.
I can strongly recommend her!
Teresa Badenhorst
Previous HR Director at Altech Autopage
Now HR Director Ricoh South Africa (Pty) Limited

Trauma –
“Following a severe accident, where Kyle skidded in a puddle and rolled down the embankment into the river, he was unable to travel on the highway again. The fear of the severe accident engulfed him and when he did try travel on the highway passing the scene of the accident he blanked out and almost had the same accident again.
The fear of the trauma he experienced controlled him and his life for months.
This all shifted after a facilitated session with Andrea. Through a very relaxed process Andrea worked on Kyle’s reflexes and fears.
That night Kyle slept better than he had in months and the next day he decided to try travel on the highway, he even passed the scene of the accident. He travelled the road with ease, with no residual fear at all, he passed the accident scene and didn’t even flinch.
Andrea’s support and coping exercises really assisted Kyle in overcoming one of the most traumatic experiences in his life. “

Depression & Anxiety
“…after needing psychiatric help Andrea helped me cope with daily processes and made me feel like I was able to deal with each day. She is passionate about helping others.”

Anxiety & Panic Attacks
“Morning Andrea, thanks so much for yesterday! I feel like a completely renewed person this morning!!”
Feedback from a client struggling with anxiety & panic attacks.

“I have to tell you, I use the breathing technique often, and have not had a Panic attack since. If i feel anything happening, I breathe the way you told me too, I say the words and within minutes I am well. I believe in what you did as it definitely works So happy, thank you again so much!!! – Ursula” Ursula suffered from weekly, and sometimes daily panic attacks. Sometimes it would lead to her passing out. Following a session with Andrea, she no longer experiences Panic Attacks.”

“Have not slept as well as I did on Tuesday night in a long time, woke up without anxiety when the alarm went off. Usually I wake up an hour before the alarm feeling anxious and counting down the time till I can take my next tablet.”

Shifting Traumas
“Andrea is an absolutely amazing kinesiology practitioner. She is incredibly intuitive and has learned how to follow her intuition. In one of our sessions she shared a metaphor to illustrate a point. The metaphor wasn’t only speaking to an extremely deep truth for me, but she surprised herself at the same time and laughingly wondered, “Where is this coming from?” She helps me recognise some of my most damaging triggers. She helps me challenge my filters and flawed perceptions. She helps me connect with my traumas on the deepest possible level and release the shackles of each experience. She is equipping me with tools so I can help myself stay centred and powerful. She is helping me take my relationships to deeper and higher levels. She is changing my life in ways I never dreamed possible. She loves what she does and has a sincere desire to help all whose path cross hers. “

Assisting Children:
Afraid of the Dark –
“Great news my daughter slept in her own bed, with lights off in the bedroom last night. She is so proud of herself”,
8 years old girl fearful of the dark, her brother had to sleep in her bed with a lamp on. She couldn’t go anywhere on her own especially in the dark.” – N

Stress & overwhelm at School
Bailey’s Story, moving from stress and overwhelm at school – to succeeding and flourishing:
“Bailey, age 7 grade 2, started her journey in grade 2 on a wobbly foot. It was hard for her to adapt to a stricter teacher, harder work and all she could do was cry and fight going to school. She struggled to sleep and would prefer to sleep with her parents. Her school work was impacted as well as her relationship with her new teacher.
Her parents then decided to try Brain Gym before going the extreme, to try get her moved. Following two sessions with Andrea, she was like a different child. Bailey was now happy to go to school, no more fights, her sleep pattern improved and her school work improved. An amazing achievement of mostly 7’s and 6’s in her first term report.
“Bailey’s teacher commented how much she has improved since doing Brain Gym with you, she’s a different child 😃 so thankful to you.”
Nicole Connell.

Anger & Low Concentration –
Jason, age 8, suffered from a lack of concentration and anger outbursts at school and at home. The school would contact the parents at least once every two months due to his lack of concentration and anger outbursts.
Following one session with Andrea, Jason now sits and finishes his tasks and does his hook-ups whenever he feels an outburst coming. This has enabled him to control his anger in a very simply way.

Low Self-Esteem and lack of concentration –
John age 10, was suffering from a lack of concentration in class, especially in Maths as well as frequent bed wetting.
Following several individuals sessions with Andrea, John showed a remarkable improvement in his self-confidence and his overall school work. As well as a almost complete stop of his bed-wetting.
John showed an overall improvement of 15% in his next terms work and he was promoted to Captain of his School Rugby team, an acknowledgement for his increased self-confidence and overall concentration improvement.
John even remarked: “I feel so much better.”

Forest Town – Wep@Work
Stress management & Life skills 10-week programme for young adults living with special needs – feedback:
“Thank you for Inspiring me to accept myself and for helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection”
“My emotions have changed a lot, learnt how to control my emotions”
“Grown – now talking out loud in front of people, it improved my confidence”
“I found this training amazing and I’d love to train more and learn more”
“I learnt a lot about myself. Thanks for the help and the lessons you’ve taught me about life!!! 🙂”
“My favourite was with the self esteem and tapping – and starting my morning dancing”
“My favourite was learning about how to control my anger and I like the tapping.”
“It helped me so much in my life and I did grow in my life”