some coach testimonials…

As an executive coach I have had a very positive experience of The Coach Directory. I have had a few solid enquiries from which I have built two new corporate relationships. One thing that is hard to find in the coaching process is a good alignment between coach, coachee and the system we work in. The referrals I have received via the Coach Directory have resulted in ongoing, satisfying and aligned coaching that benefits the coachee and the organisation. This is ultimately a far more satisfying and rewarding experience for me as a coach and supports my long term reputation.
Matt Shelley

Life and Business Coach in Johannesburg

Coach Directory has created an unexpected springboard in drastically growing my coaching business. At least 90% of the enquiries via Coach Directory have resulted in clients. The site has also helped me to build brand visibility through article contributions from various publications – and all these journalists found me via this directory. These have led to further new business development ideas and opportunities. I have also been able to link up with coaches and to begin to do work in areas of mutual interest. One is always thoroughly grateful for services that actually add value! A great investment that I recommend to all coaches.
Nothemba Mxenge

Career Coach in Johannesburg

Thank you for running such an excellent site – I am always getting enquiries through Coach Directory and am very happy to pay my R600!
Mia von Scha

Transformational Coach in Johannesburg

The site has paid for itself over and over and is by far the most effective of my marketing efforts!
Mark Smith

Executive Coach in Cape Town

I would also like to thank you very much for your directory! It really made a huge difference in the branding process of my business. It added to my communication strategies and therefore helped me reach my target audience. Ever since my company was registered on your website I have had tons of inquiries and most of which became my Clients. This is why I am happy to invest for another year. Bravo for this wonderful space!

Lungisa Sonqishe

Personal Brand, Life & Career Coach in Cape Town

As Marriage, Relationships and NLP Life Coaches, Lavona and I have had a very positive experience of The Coach Directory. We’ve  had some solid enquiries from which We have build a huge clientel. The referrals We have received via the Coach Directory have resulted in ongoing and satisfying coaching that benefits the coachee and the the business. And we’ve had a lot of media exposure on TV shows and Radio Talk shows as marriage and Relationship experts. Thank you Richard.
Josphat and Lavona Mwanza

Marriage, Relationships and NLP Life Coaches

Thanks Richard. Your site consistently generates a steady stream of enquiries and pays for itself many times over in the year.
Colin Davies

Life Coach in East London

I have been happy with CoachDirectory – it has been a good investment for me. I would say I have had between five and ten calls from the site, of which three have been converted into business. That’s good going as far as I am concerned! Thank you for providing this service.
Felicity Hart

Life Coach in Johannesburg

Thank you Richard for your promt and excellent service. CoachDirectory has proven invaluable to me as a marketing tool!
Celeste Du Toit

Life and Wellness Coach

I get a big % of my business via your site, so just want to say thanks for the service, it really leads my clients to my website or directly to me.
Paula Facci

Positive Psychology Life Coach and Transformational Facilitato

The Coach Directory works very well for me (and my business partner, Julie) and whenever we chat to new coaches or coaches who are wanting to market their businesses more effectively, we recommend that they start by advertising through your directory! We both find that we get a significant amount of coaching enquiries (particularly for individual coaching) through the Coach Directory.
Liz Witherspoon

Health and Wellness Coach

Coachdirectory definitely works for me and I refer Coaches to you all the time.
Nicky Castles

Life Coach

I get a lot of work through Coach Directory and am very grateful for that. Thank you so much for the service. It makes a big difference to my business.
Juliette Gyure

Career Coach

Coach Directory is the only place I recommend to people wanting to employ a coach. It’s easy to use interface and comprehensive database is the most effective link to South African coaches.
Dale Williams (MA)

Corporate Coach

This is the only Coaching Directory that works and attracts clients. I am not sure what the magic is! I receive about 3-4 enquiries and on an estimate 1 out of 3 becomes a client. I think it works great.
Kerstin Jatho

Life Coach

Unlike regular social media, the Coach Directory seems to be to the point, popular with search engines, clear on the various offerings and easy to navigate. The professional support, look and feel makes it easy to be associated with our brand. If I was looking for a coach, this would be the first site I would consult.
Casper Oelofsen

Executive Performance Coach

I have had 4 inquiries from your website, one of which has converted to a client and one that may do so this week. Thank you for a great service!
Debbie Martin

Career Coach

Thanks for a great service. I had numerous enquiries through the directory last year, a few of which have translated into successful coaching relationships.
Michelle Stewart

Personal Development Coach

I’ve received a decent number of calls from clients who have used the Coach Directory – it really seems to be working well as a site – thank you for the work you’ve put into this and the professional way in which it is run.
Abby Malan

Integral Master Coach

Thanks for letting me know about my renewal… and I have loved the clients and service that I get from you!
Samantha Theron

Life Coach

I just got another referral from Coach Directory so it’s working really well for me. Thanks!
Stephanie Moss

Life Coach

Benita Battiss – life coach in Johannesburg “It has been a pleasure working with Your internet marketing strategies have proven to be very successful.”
Benita Bartiss

Health and Wellness Coach

I’ve had a couple of great referrals from the site, so definitely worth the investment!
Judy Goodwin

Life Coach

Helene Samuels – small business coach in Johannesburg “I will gladly pay for another year’s listing as I have had good quality enquiries from the Coach Directory.
Helene Samuels

Health and Wellness Coach

I get a lot of enquiries through your website… and having asked my supervisees about their experience, it seems you do a good job for them too! I recommend you to all my coaches.
Joanne Searle

Financial Coach

I am very glad to renew – its interesting that I have ever only had 1 inquiry about coaching, but innumerable inquiries and bookings for coach training!
Karen Pratt

Life Coach

Out of all the directories, this is the one that is most impactful.
Savannah Steinberg

Personal Development Coach

Thank you for the good service you give. I get a lot of mileage from Coach directory.
Herman Veitch

Life Coach

Hi Richard, I have been very satisfied with the response I have received from the site and your personal service has been excellent. I have subsequently referred your site to many coaches I know!
Timothy King

Life Coach

I have had 2 corporate enquiries this week for coaching via the Coach Directory – and I sense that even with the individual enquiries I get, I have more credibility when they see me listed on this directory. Thank you for this super service!
Katlego Kolobe

Life Coach

The Coach Directory is definitely one that is working far better than any other directory I have been on. Quite a few people in Durban have found me through this directory.
Kim Knight

Life Coach

The Coach Directory has been an absolute blessing to my work, and I have received many clients from there. Thank you so much for this invaluable service
Nerisha Maharaj

Executive Leadership and Life Coach

Coach Directory is amazing! 90% of my enquiries come from your directory. Your website is once again giving us serious business – you are kick ass!
Tanya du Toit

Life Coach

Being listed on The Directory has been extremely beneficial, I have had a constant stream of enquiries since listing – thank you!
Judith Matthis

Energy Management Coach

I’ve been getting some excellent clients thru Coach Directory…so thanks, it’s a great service!
Michelle Schwartz

Life Coach

Thanks for your service – your site is still by far the best marketing tool for myself that I have!
Daniela Wingate

Depression Recovery Coach

I’ve had good experiences with your directory so far. Two clients came out of it. So it works! Keep up the good work
Marc Steinberg

Life Coach

The Coach Directory has worked well for me and I’ve received a number of enquiries and successful business opportunities as a result of being listed on the directory – THANK YOU!
Faheem Hoosen

Corporate Coach

Thanks again for this service, that is proving to be a great resource. More and more people are using the internet for referral and I seem to be getting good exposure – so thanks.
Michael Wohlman

Life Coach

Thank you. I am very pleased with your directory, I have had inquiries through it and it is very visible in Google.
Macarena Vergara

Personal & Business Coach

I have just paid my renewal as your coaching directory is a tremendous help to my coaching practice. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of getting us to our clients.

Tanya Kunze

Executive Coach in Johannesburg

The Coach Directory has worked well for me. In fact, I’d say 80% of enquiries come via my entries in CD.

Dr Michael Chapman

Executive Coach Training in Durban

Your website has been such a great exposure for me as a coach hence i definitely want to continue with your services. I have managed to attract new clients, i have also attracted visibility from various well established magazines in South Africa. I got my 1st clients within a day of being alive on the website. The value that i have gained has been extremely positive.

Nokubonga Mbanga

Personal Development & Leadership Coach - Midrand, Johannesburg

I’m really very happy with your directory and the professional support you offer. Thanks again!

Fred Bakker

Executive/Leadership & Career Change Coach, Cape Town

Being listed in the Coach Directory has made a significant difference to the growth of my coaching business. Keep up the good work!

Dr Nozi Mjoli

Personal Development Coach, Pretoria

This directory has been absolutely fantastic.  I have received all my new clients through it.  Many thanks and keep it going please!

Sjaan Wilkinson

Life Coach, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Hi there I just want to compliment all involved on this great website. I googled “Life Coach Cape Town” and ended up on coach directory. I was so impressed in how easy it was to compare different coaches – see their more indepth profiles. Yesterday I selected two coaches that most interest me and have contacted them and set up meetings already. Thank you for this service that you have provided! regards

Tam Randle

Satisfied Client