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Yahya Mayet

Transformational Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Creative Disruptor

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Auckland Park and surrounds (can travel)

Bachelor of Business Science (Honours – Finance & Strategy) – University of Cape Town (UCT)

076 286 0414

Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


I have had diverse experiences across various industries and corporate clients as a management consultant (amoung the top 4 consulting houses and niche boutique consulting houses) for over 8 years. I have a B.Bus.Sci from UCT with Honours in Finance and Strategy. This has allowed me to, very early on, be exposed to areas of strategy, implementation and operationalization. After dealing with these areas of business I specialised in people and change areas of work i.e. organisational behavioural change, talent development, HR optimisation and organisational development

I have sat in boardrooms, factories, power stations and mines a like which has brought me a keen appreciation for the underlying success for any business/community or team: The dynamic of honest and brave interactions.

I have since delved deeper to customise journeys of growth to provide individuals, teams and organisations a way of finding a new language to overcome obstacle’s. This exploration was found in certifying as a Professional Integral Coach from University of Cape Town (UCT) and New Ventures West (NVW) in San Francisco. All these courses are accredited with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors SA) and ICF (International Coaching Federation)

I have supplemented this with Master classes in Applied Jungian Studies and Investment in Excellence programs from the Pacific Institute. My own journey of development allows me to draw on the leading thinking in various leadership development, personal development and organisational systems thinking

I am passionate about creating and sustaining change. As such I am the co-founder of an initiate called “Coaches for Freedom (CFF)” that aims to start new conversations across multiple contexts. We have been featured on 702 Lead SA and won the Lead SA Champion in April 2016

We are complex individuals and I believe that bringing in these complexities are critical to growth. I myself am a writer and artist that I draw on in my engagements. I have been featured in thought pieces for the Mail and Guardian and in Africa Q-zine (a magazine looking at human rights)

The Empowered Studio experience

The Empowered studio aims to be a space for individuals, teams and organisations/communities to truthfully enter a space of change, courageously bracing what is said and unsaid and explore new possibilities to yield newer and richer actions for results.

I believe in the power of ‘creative disruption’ to find a way of being in the world that can create greatness. My aim at the end of our intervention is someone/team or organisation to journey forward unafraid without my guidance but being deeply impacted by my presence to allow that to happen

Through a process of Powerful Stories ™ I dedicate myself to my clients to ensure sustainable growth through customised interventions:

  • Individual personal coaching
  • Individual executive coaching
  • Team/Group Coaching
  • Facilitated sessions
  • Leadership development design and execution
  • Community/Organisation interventions

Co-creating with Empowered Studios

Due to the nuanced nature of each interaction, rates are based on specific requirements however personal and executive coaching sessions are normally based on:

  • 1 free chemistry or ‘matching’ session
  • 12 session customised program ( over 4 – 6 months)
  • Detailed feedback report
  • Sessions can be held in person, Skype or phone

Client Testimonials

I knew that I had some character flaws I wanted to deal with in order to unleash some of this innate potential I knew I had. I was fortunate enough to have had access to Yahya in professional perspective and engaged with him around the difficulties I had. He’s honesty, professionalism and calm demeanour have been one of the key take away’s from the sessions I’ve had.

 He’s coaching style allows you to find the answers for yourself and he ensures that you are comfortable with the decision you have made. We have had some very pivotal break-throughs in the sessions and I’m confident that anyone who interacts with him will have a similar or much richer experience.
Management Consultant

I had a huge disappointment in my career. Naturally I was upset, disappointed, embarrassed and doubts about myself . Yahya offered to walk with me through this journey. I learned how to identify “heavy and caring emotions” which lead me to be in tune with my emotions .I remember one day after few sessions of tears and sadness he said to me there’s a smile. From that day I knew that I was recovering and regaining my confidence.

Yahya is so professional, attentive and showed empathy in all sessions. He advises me on what was coming next and gave practices that eventually helped me to reflect on my daily engagements with my colleagues, family and friends.

 I am now confident, assertive and in the drivers seat of my life!
Senior Manager, Global Public Utility

Yahya helped me to manage my stress and to understand how, with subtle changes to my thoughts; I could change my perception of myself and all the things I deal with on a day-to-day basis. Yahya’s calm presence helped me to delve into my perceptions, and I continue to use the practices he taught me in my daily life. I really appreciate Yahya’s efforts with me, and I highly recommend that others take the opportunity to be coached by him if they get the chance.
High School Teacher

I was rather surprised when I was paired with him (Yahya) as his coachee, I assumed that he would have no understanding of my intense, complex, high pressured world. Much to my surprise, within the space of a few hours, we had an enjoyable and stimulating conversation that took me far away from my stressful, treadmill world to a space where creativity and spontaneity were re-introduced into the narrative of my life.

Six months later…I am developing new competencies, re-igniting old strengths and starting to enjoy my work again. Yahya is an unassuming integral coach with deep insight and unrivalled expertise. He has made visible the part of me that has been lying dormant for many years. His gift in using language to communicate authentically and powerfully is special. As a professional coach, I am sure that he will touch many lives in a very poignant way. He is highly recommended!
University Professor


  • Professional Coaching Course (PCC) – University of Cape Town Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West (NVW) San Francisco
  • Associate Coaching Course (ACC) – University of Cape Town Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West (NVW) San Francisco
  • Masters Course in Story Strategy for coaches and facilitators – Playing Mantis
  • Master Class and Conscious Living Program (CLP) – Centre for Applied Jungian Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Science (Honours – Finance & Strategy) – University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Personal Leadership – Pacific Institute
  • Critical thinking in global challenges – University of Edinburgh
  • Managing teams – SAICA