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Cape Town
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Self & More based in Durbanville.
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Feeling like everything takes effort and problems keep piling up…and patterns repeating? This is enough NOW? Stuck in a rut and having trouble taking the next steps? With a variety of programs designed for self- awareness and development on a mental and physical level we can design a program especially to assist you.

Is this for you?
Unsure whether coaching is right for you? If you’re feeling anxious, trapped in the horror of the past, terrified of the future or just plain unhappy then NOW is the chance to find out.

Stress Management
Stress, Trauma and Tension is a part of everyone’s life today. Whether we hold on to it or decide to manage it by finding a healthy natural what to release it or determines our future. TRE is an awesome tool to get you through a Trauma or Tension (Stress) related period in your life…learn to make it part of your weekly routine. Awesome results. Change your perspective on life.

Low self-esteem, a lack of motivation, relationship troubles – they’re all problems with different labels that we all encounter at some stage. Working through those problems and leaving them in the past can be a challenge.

Since 2011 I have helped 100’s of people achieve their goals and overcome issues through both psychical exercise and coaching. I take great pride in my work and ability to help people work towards reaching their own potential . I have let my problems rule me and then I found a way to grow stronger and look at problems differently as a space for me to learn and grow from

Going it alone shouldn’t be your only option.

Coaching - TRE – Pilates-Callanetics-BIO Energy_Colour Therapy-Enenagram Testing – Sport & Fitness Massage are the services on offer at Self & More…looking at life from all aspects of growth

Registered Comensa Coach --TRE© Provider --Enneagram IEQ accredited
Comprehensive Pilates Certification and Certified Callanetics Teacher – Sport Massage Therapist

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Marléne Nunes Self & More Coaching
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